The Numerical Egregore of Six
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6 : The Joy of Six

Keys: Oppression/Law   ·   Mantra: NUCO MEXATH GELMIRFS

[ from Z(enseider)Z Numeric Gates ] six tastes in traditional Ayurvedic medicine: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. These tastes are used to suggest a diet based on the symptoms of the body. In the standard model of particle physics, there are six types of quarks and six types of leptons. There are six points on a Star of David or Hindu shaktona, six orders of the Mishnah, six symbolic foods placed on the Passover Seder Plate. In the City of God, Augustine of Hippo suggested (Genesis, 11:30) that God's creation of the world took six days because 6 is a perfect number; the Jewish holiday of Shavuot starts on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan; Seraphs have six wings. In Islam, there are six articles of belief; fasting six days of Shawwal, together with the month of Ramadan, is equivalent to fasting the whole year. In Hindu theology, a trasarenu is the combination of six celestial paramanus (atoms). There are also six Lines on an I-Ching Hexagram. ESP is called the "sixth sense"

[ from ] Six represents equilibrium; harmony - balance. It is the perfect number within the decad: 1+2+3=6. It is the most productive of all numbers. It symbolizes union of polarity, the hermaphrodite being represented by the two interlaced triangles, the upward- pointing as male, fire and the heavens, and the downward-pointing as female, the waters and the earth. Six is the symbol of luck; love; health; beauty; chance. It is a winning number at the throw of the dice in the West. There are six rays of the solar wheel and there are six interlaced triangles. There are six pointed stars or Seal of Solomon - and Star of David - Merkabah

[ from the Magician's Dictionary ] The Work of Creation; The Sun; Solar-Phallic energy; Spatial Directions, Harmony; Tiphareth. In the I Ching, 6 is the number of Yin, i.e., Completion. Time, space and astronomy. Number of beauty and the power of love.

[ from ] Balance, harmony, the first perfect number within the decade. It also symbolizes the unity of the polarity, represented by the intertwined triangles, pointing upward as the male, fire, air, and the downward pointing as the female, the water and the earth. The Star of David, or the seal of Solomon also shows perfect balance. Six also stands for love (Tarot), health, beauty, happiness. In the Occident, you win if you throw a six with your dice. Six senses (the dream is the sixth), both day and night have each six sections. Six stands for the building of the circle. For an equilateral hexagon beeing drawn in a circle, the length of each edge of the six edges is identical with the circles radius. If there are six identical circles, you can draw them around another circle of the same size. From a numerological point of view, the six is a very interesting number: The first numbers 1, 2 and 3 are the dividers of the six, and if you add them up or multiply them the result is the six (6 = 1 + 2 + 3 = 1 x 2 x 3). All exponential powers of the six (62 = 36, 63 = 216, 64 = 1296, 65 = 7776, etc.) have the six as their last figure.

Exponential Branches

  • Tetractys: Hexad
    • Proportion: Space time power
    • Tautology: Fusion
    • Ratio: 6:5
    • Interval: Minor Third
    • Note: Bb/A#
    • Geometry: Hexagon
    • Platonic Solid: Cube
    • Seasons: Lughnasadh 8/1
    • Faculties of Consciousness: Gaining confidence, gaining fame, succeeding in gambling and speculation of all types, healing (both self and others), brining joy into life, increasing personal stature, organizing abilities, pleasure of all types, increasing popularity, increasing vitality. The sun also symbolizes gaining knowledge of the true self, and one's subconscious mind
    • Basic Meaning : One's word is one's Bond
    • Functions : Exceptional cognizance
  • Keyword: Elbowroom/Resolve
  • Concept: Audacity/Reputation
  • [GoN]: T = 6, H = -6
  • Poetry: 051, 078, 222, 555, 888
  • Thoth Tarot: VI. Lovers, XV. Devil
  • Z(enseider)Z: 6. The Pair, 15 Slavemaster
    • Planet: Sol or the Sun
    • Element: Fire
    • Aura: Charisma/Self/Ego
    • Zodiac: Leo (Being) Force [Digestion] ML/T2
    • Color: Yellow or Gold
    • Meaning: [Yellow] Intellectualism, creativity, study, divination. The nervous system, organization, and philosophy, in general. [Gold] Healing, confidence, fame, succeeding in gambling and speculation of all types, popularity, vitality.
    • Metal: Gold or gold-colored objects
    • Aroma: Frankkincense
  • Great Old One: Azathoth
  • Pesedjets: Osiris
  • Ouranian: QEBKEZ
  • #ppl: 006
  • Archetype: The Hero/Mentors

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Cultural References

Chinese: Six represents Universe, with its four cardinal points and the Above and Below - making it a total of six directions. Chinese culture there are six senses: tastse, touch, smell, sight, hearing, the sixth being mind. The day and night each have six periods.

Christian: Six is perfection; completion because man was created on the sixth day. Six is man's number The most obvious use of this number is in the notorious passage containing 666. (Rev 13:18 NIV) This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

Hebrew: There are six days of creation. It symbolizes meditation and intelligence.

Kabbalism: Six is creation, and beauty.

Pythagorean: Luck

Sumerian: Six days of creation

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Numerological Codification

( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications on the following )

6 = -10 = 32 = -32 = -3 = 43 = 0

the Numerical Egregore of Six = 86
86 = 0

# correspondences: [-33] 26
[-15] 21, XIX (19) = XXI (21)
[-6] 56, 68, 82, 696, MMV (2005)
[6] 84, 123, 125, 123456
[12] 777, III (3)
[24] 111
[36] 671
[42] 333
[87] 1,314

D-Cipher Gematria of Nothing M.T.G. Tarot Keys

6 [GoN] H

6 = Worried ( 5 disks )
was: WORRY = -29 = 9
mercury : virgo
{mtg card} Respite = 6

6 = Mercy ( wand princess )
earth of fire
{mtg card} Meltdown

6 = Law ( wand Queen )
water of fire
{mtg card} Keeper of the flame

-6 [GoN] T

-6 = CRUELTY ( 9 swords )
mars : gemini
{mtg card-> Culling the weak

-6 = RUIN ( 10 swords )
sol : gemini
{mtg card} (haunting) Misery = -6

-6 = OPPRESSION ( 10 wands )
saturn : saggitarius
{mtg card} Pyrokinesis = -6




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