Love's So Divine when liquid is pure
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


Drugs Always Restore Enlightenment
LSD. Need I say more? Love's So Divine when liquid is pure
We seen them cats of all kinds that'll blind eyes out for less
by puttin they debts to rest on chumps too dumb to confess

== 222 ==

Destiny Invites Senseless Obstacles Before Experiences Yaw
Peyotes the shit still turns men into lycanthropes
Digging in the sand and climbing up totem poles

== 222 ==

Pills are for John and Jane Q. Public
Inhalants for the kiddies.. like candy, oh they love it!

== 222 ==

Good powder's too hard to come by
and western Bolivia's too far to walk
Like just last week when I picked up some vials
of no-drip brown ghetto chalk

== 222 [GoN]




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