sulfurous lightning in a lachrymal vessel

xenopomorphic preter-nagualism

wielding the wilder weirding ways of the wyrd

entering ecstatic trance during the jackal's dance


mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur


stoic pranksterhood in the aeon of Nuit's joke.



Beyond the Veil there is only more Veil
Beyond the Void there is only more Void
like desert sand dunes or an abyssal oceanic horizon
All seemingly endless ... eternal ...
more lies spun by abberations of perception
Only one force is supernal ...
and her womb brings all creation to life.

C. H. A. O. S.

Channeled Heirarchal Atavisms from Outer Space

Conditioned Humours Auspicating Organizing Systems

Chthonic Hominids Anticipating the Overthrow of the Surface

Capeditiean Heterodoxical Androgyny and Ontological Sovereignty

Capitulated Holographic Altars for Ordinal Sacrifices

Corybantic Harvesting Assemblies Orchestrating Symbiosis 

Cherished Heliocentric Azimuth Orientating Space

Coptic Hieroglyphs Accentuate Obelisk Spires

Cosmonautic Hierogamy Assumptions Opined Serendipitidously



penetrate the veil of the electronic aether

success in psybermagickal enterprises & e-commerce


Bodhisattva of New Bangladesh



The Ultramagnetic Philthy Phew

The Great Octarine Sibilinghood of the Z.'. Z.'.


Warning: Psychohazard

Immunomemetic Inoculation


dark mother of the old gods

metastasized in the muddled milks of malkah


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