overwlemed by the sheer magnitude of it all


  •   blends, slices, dices, tosses salads!
    • CUT-UPS       ndx   ·   apps
      • word mangling, glossolexia, scotoma

    • Upon the Back of Lust ( babalongpork )
      • what awaits and how it wants
    • Check Yourz ( fralgoovice )
      • slime fission breaking new ground
    • Refused Moonshine ( gembyssdiria )
      • temples & trees of kNOwONe in I
    • Philosophorum Local ( mathsubdomail )
      • that's what we told you on that day
    • Octarine Lens Cleaner ( online )
      • quantums events apprehended
    • Pitchforks for Porpoises ( totalwar )
      • repitition does'nt engender originality
    • Baking and Endering ( zmailchemo )
      • ooops...     dead boy.
    • Human Tourniquet ( zmailflows )
      • confusion = aural emancipation
    • Knaving Quakers ( zmailrants )
      • chipping away at petrified lumber
    • Incidents In Occidental Theory ( choice )
      • Zee-list manual literal cut
    • Egognostic Pissings ( shit we invest in )
      • Zee-list manual literal mess


  •   enumerically ensigilized verse poems
    • Adjacent GEMATRIA pages   ·   ndx
      • distractions from the inane poetry

    • zero thru nine exponential branches
      • exponential branches upon the tree of nothing
    • relative equivalency (nethier) -26   sloganeering methods of prose
      • an uncharted realm of numerical obfuscation
    • re-usable sigils & numeric sigilum
      • digital sigils and unconventional on-the-fly techniques
    • [GoN] 1 calculator, databse, and ciphers
      • letter to number equivalencies for reference purposes
      • manually coded database of enumerations
      • iot tree of nothing number-letter correspondences
    • Higher GEMATRIA enumerations   ·   ndx
      • Bell's curve bent backwards

    • Misfortune Will Cluster ( 000 )
      • 86 isis we submit synchronicity 666
      • aldous huxley is jim morrison
    • Boddhisatva Bedaub Balked ( 049 )
      • 49 dozen orange roses for dissolution
    • The Great Alarm Promises ( 051 )
      • all your base are belong to us
      • shut up you know you don't love me
    • New apotheosis arises; adorns hallow batons ( 078 )
      • astral altars convey hazardous neural arenas
    • A touch of wisdom ( 111 )
      • to tell the truth it seems a shame
    • Restore Enlightenment ( 222 )
      • love's so divine when liquid's pure
      • disobey
      • inhalants for the kiddies
      • no-drip brown ghetto chalk
    • One to Task ( 313 )
      • all the thoughts within your mind
      • you escaped the lions den
      • tounge tied in knots inside
    • Spread the Meme ( 333 )
      • no disrespect to your name, but...
      • self-advice: when in overcomplicating your responses
      • That which survives this Theriomorphosis
    • Flesh-colored Shoe-laces ( 444 )
      • dictate a new page to illustrate
    • Rip and Tear ( 555 )
      • far too understated to say no-things whut it seems
    • Burning the Day ( 666 )
      • living shells of shaded decay
      • remedy for all self-oppression
      • bogus book burners benefice
      • a piracy of fictitious rhetoric
      • existence is S.N.A.F.U.
      • they selling hope in the streets
    • Silent Fiction ( 718 )
      • your people they stone me in vain
    • Timeless Riddles ( 777 )
      • immanetize the eschaton today
    • Samhain Festival 1988 ( 783 )
      • it was a day like none other
      • co-dependent bribery
    • 13 words equals 13 worlds ( 888 )
      • a disinterest in personal eminence
      • scribble the meme eternal
    • Pipe Dream Conspiracy ( 911 )
      • innocence always overcomes
      • research criminal agenda
      • who's the instant phoenix dervish
      • c.l.a.w.s. money out the ass
    • Unwilling Spectators ( 999 )
      • acid-test masquerade
    • Serpent's Song ( 2012 )
      • smoke envelops the horizon
      • root cause to atavistic regurgitation
    • [GoN] 1 cipher ( with calculator )
      • simple to read cipher explanation of correspondences
      • easy to use triple cipher calculator


  •   articles, essays, interviews
    • Writings       ndx   ·   etc
      • a literal taste of the wortmeister at work

    • Self-Preservation for all Aeons ( pan-aeonic )
      • former Gen Hex article submission
    • The Flaws Of Magick ( abstract primer )
      • dissin douchebags with doctorates
    • Hyper-real Random Belief Models ( reified )
      • spontaneous innovative genius
    • Endological Morphogeneaology ( time seized )
      • former Interesting Times article
    • Eian O. Innerview ( exclusive engagement )
      • TV-Buddha inspired word-seige
    • P.O.E.T.R.Y. ( akashic influence )
      • psycho-historic interpretations
    • Bare Hands Magick ( work in progress )
      • former Key 23 article submission


  •   post-structuralist incendiary pig vomit
    • Rants       ndx   ·   etc
      • persuasion without tact in place to groom it along


  •   subjectivity on the hyperratic scale
    • Poetry       ndx   ·   etc
      • time snapping at our hands like an upset beast

    • Needless Authorities on kNOwthing ( brilliance of mind )
      • common plagues infesting the inner
    • Not a Word Lost in Translation ( ilyiao )
      • repitition does not engender raw originality
    • Deflecting insurrections is common practice ( infekmass )
      • off tha head ...too, too, too much left unsaid
    • My Them And They ( revolving door crematoriums )
      • they pull the strings and we flail free of aim
    • The Sky ( unseen time beyond measurement )
      • reflection on the simplest horizon
    • Thank Bastet Burroughs killed Shakespeare ( click & drag )
      • the failure of abstinence treatment in addiction therapy


  •   enchantment & divination tools, and correspondences
    • Chaosorcery       ndx   ·   etc
      • enchantments, divination, various esoteric malarchy

    • Magickal Style : bare hands / open palm
      • A. O. Spare and Crowley's view of art as magick
      • Unconventional sigil design and implementation
      • Eckstasis and Katalepsis (or Narcolepsis)
      • Breathing, Object & Sound Concentration

    • So-called lesser Magicks
      • Psychic Vampiric energy practices
      • Casting glamours: the gazing eye, misdirection
      • Methods of attaining desire: lust, trust, or intimadation
      • Confidence radiating and emanating from the core center
    • Freestyle Chaosorcery: ritual, divination
      • The improvisational use of stage props and psy-ops
      • Methods of attaining Gnosis from the Zeelist
      • Sociopath's Tarot: Urban Occultural Neophillia updated!
    • Audio Programming
      • binaural frequencies, isochronic tones
      • Sonic sigil-making
      • Use of dark ambient in meditative trance and ritual work
      • Layering of Intent



  •   The only place to get a literal overview of the content housed here.

    I would've rather avoided a page such as this, but it becomes necessary the more I realize just how many sections there are to index. So fuck it all and here you go.

    Behold, these masterpieces of literary dystopia plus an end portal navigational page

  • inaccessible indice
    Hello and welcome to my thing. Take it as it is or kindly fucking leave.
  • recrementitious exordium
    Style meets fiction in a head on collision without air-bags to soften to blow
  • grafted funding
    The popularity campaign of a lifetime slips through our fingertips at 11 words per minute
  • abstract
    Enduring this lost battle with Nexhagus free from pill persuasion or pre-condition
  • memory (past)
    A blurry childhood succumb to the habitual impulse of insatiable avarice
  • moment (present)
    Initiating inertia or stalling stasis seems indicative of gross misperception
  • aggrotextuality
    A bit of aggrotextuality aimed at generation ex, why, and zee
  • pathological narcissism
    An adoring public re-unites with a tangential genius of hyper-transitional artistry
  • improv augury
    The emphatic cultural saturation of improvisational augury
  • differential impotence
    How fire discovered humankind and why it now plots our return to the stone-age
  • sonata suffocation
    The sight of the soul spins at the speed of sound in this social safari
  • expectation (future)
    Unexamined lies and petri dish surprise
  • forgettable nuance
    The outright condemnation of deliberate conformity in design-by-numbers fraud
  • quiescent infection
    Alleviate the hemorrhaging intellectual distension of involuntary peripheral consciousness!
  • symbiosis
    The inescapable consequences of offering sacrifices to unappeasable entities
  • ontological retardation
    Tentative hazards strewn throughout the pysberscape without cause or consistency
  • gratuitous imitation
    One headline that keeps getting pushed back again and again and again
  • vanity
    The seemingly permanant prominence of skin deep beauty's emptiest fleshly promises
  • meta-narrative
    Augmenting abject alliterations as a sick joke on myself when I know I'm sensitive
  • joint custody battles
    A shimmer of sacred blue radiates from the eyes of Jonah's sixth born daughter
  • joshua in jail for jacob
    Without complaint at judicial restraint the defendant might avoid incarceration
  • visceral adoration
    Tales of the Noridc Kings and their kingdoms on the ice
  • whales and wendigo
    While wading shallows a carcass washes ashore signaling imminent catastrophe
  • yielding small returns
    I've had a psycho-analystical, psychic phenomenal breakthrough while slurrping on easy cheese
  • zealous contacts
    Formative languages attempting cohesive similies using sub-par alliterative inflections
  • loss of data
    Finer captures for introductory purposes only. All other submissions will adjourn.
  • know how
    spontaneous attempts at hyper-fictive ingenuity plus the results of artificial endorphin re-uptake distributors
  • necrophagic retroviral contagion · livejournal & wordpress
    Long sought after questions concerning death, the afterlife, and spontaneous seances
  • tracing parallel lines of redundancy · livejournal & wordpress
    Secret family recipes aborted on her deathbed while dinner bells ring out at 9:22AM
  • xenophiles and agoraphobes · livejournal & wordpress
    As dark matter envelops light galaxies disappear in fleeting cosmic masses
  • resistance assembled · livejournal & wordpress
    Unusual classes of writing stimulus subject to further scrutiny by a joint task force
  • broken tides · livejournal & wordpress
    Scenelet samples of satire and surrender ceaselessly searching for secret symbols
  • cultural blindspots · livejournal & wordpress
    Using the counter at the diner to chop lines into thirds
  • nevermind nothing neither · livejournal & wordpress
    Groping blind for exit indicators on automated escalators to access the egress
  • police story entry
    there's no mention of this elsewhere due to the laborious nature of plot devices and character developement
  • unidentifiable intrusions
    A flimsy elitist bulwark of pitiless slander, obnoxious bullshit, scandal, pr0n, and lies!
  • hollow beauty
    What lengths an artist will go to to qualify their works as evidence of grandeur
  • shemhamphorash
    The eminence of Agent 51 basking in the plutonium-based glow of the Black Sun


    May you overdose huffing cheap paint behind a Home Depot trash dumpster,  

    Glue Man   (at the pinnacle of tenacity)