Refugees from Yuggoth
          ( Litany of the Deep Ones )


The days of our longing have come now to pass
Though, the reasons are hidden with time's secret laugh

The Old Ones return in..from prison..their wait
To banish we Dual-ones and unseal their fate

The slaves they shall serve and the strong be revived
But, make no mistake here you cannot survive

The demon of the ocean will emerge from his grave
Sleeping.. Dreaming.. from the city of R'lyeh

His arrival brings floods and earthquakes and storms
Vicious and relentless.. catastrophe takes form

Cowardice will be consumed, digested, and excreted
Humanity is unprepared for such torturous mistreatment.

So, see them in chaos.. yes, feel their embrace
The purity of mankind will have not a trace.

That does not die which can eternally lie.


Scales and tendrils applaud as a fishmonger for fellatio,  

Alejandro Majer