The popularity campaign of a lifetime slips through our fingertips at 11 wpm
          ( sub-titles for the sub-headers? too far? will these rhetorical questions run the length of the parenthesis? )

The loosely strung together materials contained in this series seek to provide an intimate window into our struggles with consensual belief structure while chronicling our experiential involvement with the cosmetic aperture known as reality.

  This hyperreal meta-narrative represents our latest efforts in:

  • character assassination and generative persona re-construction
  • de-classification of intimate mythologies
  • recovery, remission, relapse, and resuscitative Rorschach renditioning
  • centrifugal time-spinning sorceries and semiotic reverse engineering
    • for use in the recapitulation of historical perspectives where leverage-bearing manipulative devices (such as data, consisting of something as simple as slang or as complex as a computer virus) are implanted into imaginal futures and pasts that exist in dimensions effectively perpendicular to our own
  • reminiscent auto-tirades meant to recapture the early days of Internet jackassery so as to recapitivate the current daze of soap opera psyberspectres and drama-dwelling dipshit demonologists

As an extensive exegesis of our current concoctions in electro-convulsive cerebral circuitry exercises, these documents date as far back as infancy and early childhood leading up to the juvenile dereliction of my teens and the ideological intensity of my twenties.

Eventually we'll arrive at the paradoxical apex of present day circumstances where an informal urge to record pieces of the last three decades has somehow mutated into a spontaneous impulse to collate coordinates from unspecified poly-synchronous tri-locational matrices.

In other words, my writing stems from multiple tenses under the auspices of pulp non-linearity in a timeless simulacrum of satirical virtuosity. Quite a mouthful, I know, but not nearly as inexplicable as it may sound.

However, if you'd prefer an explanation in more layman's terms then the subject matter derives from the re-interpretive rendering of real life experiences, the inclusive expansion of sidereal fantasies, and the compositional integrity of probable eventualities.

I suppose none of the above details account for the whole of the project, so you'll have to skip the parts that read like operating system installation instructions. And, where applicable, simply use your cognitive faculties to infer your way through the verbal labyrinth of inaudible lexic items I've constructed out of recreational electrons.

I'm beginning to wonder if this trip was really necessary.

  Playing fair with the new kids and treating the regulars with exclusion to the rules

Whether the context proves too sudden or the vocabulary seems too intimidating, in all likelihood my introductory remarks thusfar has readers scratching their heads and scrambling for some other website to visit with imperative immediacy.

Unless, of course, the readers in question are infatuated with the author in which case they'll endure the run-on sentences, pseudo-intellectualism, pathetic web-design, and stone-age html coding in order to get to the pics of me in my birthday suit.

But if you're new to this, and can't figure out why you've continued reading thus far then goodbye, fuck off, and have yourself a refreshing gulp from the toilet. And, I say this knowing full well that you've continued reading thus far because of the behavioral train-wreck response you're having to my routine verbal decompression methods

However, if you know what you're doing and where you're going then inoculate yourself against the lexic toxins and left click your way back into the graces of my grandiloquent gift for gravel-gargling garrulity.

Set it off with an eyeful of magic splooge, an assload of organic fruits, and spray paint for all the paneling and poster board.


May fortune smile upon you, happy hunting, and Goethespeed,  

E. N. "missing in action" Orange            



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