Enginery amassed amidst the vorticitating hypersphere
            ( Galactic rotation, The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, and Hyperspherical lensing. )  


The will of the cosmos generates a massive field of nuclear forces radiating all manner of distraught fission. When we awake from the nightmare, the dream still resides in the between spaces of nebulous constructs where comets dare to soar past quasars under the guise of rushing travelers bound for imminent termination polluting paranoid schizophrenic delusions. = 666 [GoN]

Our skyline remains filled with every sort of species of unidentifiable intruder, yet we go on with our days as if the sun will never diffuse. That one special morning when we sit on a hillside awaiting its arrival, the moon will dim, a supernova will escape our eyesight as the blinding bright becomes a flash of twilight, as a golden dawn did he appear. = 666 [GoN]

Like a bomb going off far in the distance, the blaze ignites an inferno of revelry from all the Dual-Ones whom contrive their morality from the absent emptiness of socio-religious dogma and mystico-magical doctrine. Disown divinity. Eighty six white mystic zealots. Whisper tranquil transsexual treasures. They will despise you. And they were bewildered by the significance of this number six hundred and sixty six.= 666 [GoN]


  Arithmysitcal Deconstruction via the Gematria of Nothing:


six hundred and sixty six = 0
and = 23
(twenty three = -9 = 43 = 0)
six hundred sixty six = -23
negative twenty three = 20
twenty = -23


six six six equals zero = -29
negative twenty nine = 20
twenty = -23


current twenty three worship the Z = -23
current twenty three worship the narrow way = -23
current twenty three worship the thirty six paths of wisdom = -23
current twenty three worship the Sun = -23
current twenty three worship Transmutation = -23


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