The Numerical Egregore of Five
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5: The Quintessence

Keys: Therapy/Neutrality   ·   Mantra: ROHMA LETFUN GIV

[ from Z(enseider)Z Numeric Gates ] five parts of the human soul in ancient Egyptian mythos: heart (ib), shadow (sheut), name (ren), personality (ba), thought (akh), and vital spark (ka); five traditional elements in the Chinese philosophy of Wu Xing known as the five phases, agents, movements, processes, or steps/stages: wood, water, fire, metal, earth. The god Shiva has five faces and his mantra is also called the Panchakshari (five worded) mantra. There are five elements in this universe: Dharti, Agni, Jal, Vayu, Akash (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space respectively). In Discordianism, 5 is seen as a very important number. This is demonstrated in the Law of Fives, as well as in the Pentabarf, which contains five rules. Each page of the Principia Discordia (the primary religious document in Discordianism) is labeled with five digits. The five pillars of Islam (in Sunni tradition they are Shahada (Faith), Salah (Prayer), Zak?t (Charity), Sawm (Fasting), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). According to Shia Muslims, the Panjetan or the Five Holy Purified Ones are the members of Muhammad's family: Muhammad, Ali, Fatimah, Hasan, and Husayn and is often symbolically represented by an image of the Khamsa. The Torah contains five books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) which are collectively called the Five Books of Moses, the Pentateuch (Greek for "five containers", referring to the scroll cases in which the books were kept), or Humash (Hebrew "fifth"). The Khamsa, an ancient symbol shaped like a hand with four fingers and one thumb, is used as a protective amulet by Jews; that same symbol is also very popular in Arabic culture, known to protect from envy and the evil eye. The five sacred Sikh symbols prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh are commonly known as panj kakars or the "Five Ks" because they start with letter K representing kakka in the Punjabi language's Gurmukhi script. They are: kesh (unshorn hair), kangha (the comb), kara (the steel bracelet), kachhehra (the soldiers shorts), and kirpan (the sword). Also, there are five deadly evils: kam (lust), krodh (anger), moh (attachment), lobh (greed), and ankhar (ego). The Nation of Gods and Earths, an African American religious movement, call themselves "Five-Percenters" because they believe that only 5% of mankind is truly enlightened.

[ from ] "Five is the symbol of human microcosm. The number of the human being. Human forms --- the pentagon when arms and legs are out stretched. The pentagon is endless --- sharing the symbolism of perfection and power of the circle. Five is a circular number as it produces itself in its last digit when raised to its own power. The pentacle, like the circle symbolizes whole, the quincunx being the number of its center and the meeting point of heaven, earth, and the four cardinal points plus the center point. Five is also representative of the Godhead - Central Creator of the four fours plus itself equaling five.

Five is the marriage of the hieros gamos as combination of feminine and the masculine. Feminine being even, as 2, in frequency and masculine being odd as 3 in frequency = 5. The number five symbolizes meditation; religion; versatility. It represents the five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing) everywhere except in the East. In the East there are six---the extra being Mind. We find meanings to five in the five petaled flower, five pointed leaves--especially the ROSE. The Rose has much symbolism, but also the lily, vine, all of which represent the microcosm. The five pointed star depicts individuality and spiritual aspiration, and education when it points upward. The five pointed star pointing downward represents witchcraft, and it is used in black magic. Noted: There is a very broad difference between witchcraft and black magic. The number five formed the first counting process from which all else came."

[ from the Magician's Dictionary ] "Consciousness; the hand, pentagram, man; Mars; Geburah. Moons of Uranus. Chinese elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal) -- Earth is the fifth element, yellow and central. The number of mediation, hence: Humanity . Sin, error, but also progress and knowledge. Without 5 there is no human evolution or purpose. Courage. Achievement."

[ from ] "The human microcosm. A human being with outstretched arms and legs forms a pentagon. The Pentagon, which is without end. The five is a circular number, which, if it is potentiating creates always itself as the last figure of the result. As the circle symbolizes the Pentagon and the whole thing is the number of the center and the gathering of heaven and earth and the four cardinal directions with the center. The Five is also the the main creator of the four great powers. The five pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, alms tax, fasting, pilgrimage (Haj and Umrah). It also symbolizes meditation, religion, intermediary service, effectiveness, the five senses. Five flowers and leaves five stand for the microcosm. The five-star, like the Pentagon, the integrity and individuality is also of intellectual and educational aspirations, if it shows up. The downward symbol stands for magic and black magic. The five fingers formed the first computing mechanism."

Exponential Branches

  • Tetractys: Pentad
    • Proportion: Evolution
    • Tautology: Spirals
    • Ratio: 5:4
    • Interval: Major Third
    • Note: Gb / F#
    • Geometry: Pentagon
    • Euclidean isometries: Glide reflection
    • Seasons: Beltane 5/1
    • Faculties of Consciousness: Courage, powers of decision, self-defense, powers of determination, solving disputes, dealing with enemies, slef-confidence, strength, vigor, virility, health (apendicitis, lowering blood pressure, boils and eruptive diseases, cuts and bruises, fractures, hernias, pain, rashes, scalds, and burns. Rules your ability to axpress yourself through the use of energy and activity. Negative conditions, such as tiredness, lassitude, and general low spirits may be worked on either magically and/or by using herbs and vegetables, such as garlic, nettles, cabbage, spinach, or non-toxic vitamin tablets cotaining iron
    • Basic Meaning : Metasis/Fight
    • Functions : Individuation, Transmogrification
  • Keyword: Elasticity/Stagnation
  • Concept: Exertion/Otiosity
  • [GoN]: I = 5, S= -5
  • Poetry: 23, 2012
  • Thoth Tarot: V. Hierophant, XIV. Art
  • Z(enseider)Z: V. Preacher, XIV. Graffiti
    • Planet: Mars
    • Element: Fire
    • Aura: Conflict/Hostility
    • Zodiac: Aries (Spontaneous Act) Acceleration [Calcination]
    • Color: Red
    • Meaning: [Red] Aggression, intimidation, assertiveness, dominance, positioning, courage, self-confidence, dealing with enemies, strength, vigor, vitality
    • Metal: Iron
    • Aroma: Anything heat inducing and actively protective (saturn is passively protective) --- peppers, cinnamon, dragons blood, garlic, ginger, marjoram, holly
  • Great Old One: Cthulhu
  • Pesedjets: Geb (earth)
  • Ouranian: LYOTH
  • #ppl: 002
  • Archetype: Friendly beast/Terrorist

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Cultural References

Alchemy: The five petaled flower and five pointed star symbolizing the quintessence.

Buddhist: belief the heart has four directions-- the heart center makes five, symbolizing, universality. This idea is also symbolized by the Sacred Mountains surrounded by the four islands. There are five Dhyani Buddhas: Vairocana, the Brillant, who is represented by the wheel, the witness; Akshobhya, the Imperturbable, with vajra, the East and blue; Ratnasambhava, the Jewel-born, jewel, south, yellow; Amitabha, Boundless Light, lotus, West, red; Amoghasiddhi, Infallible Success, sword, North, green.

Chinese: There are five elements. Five atmospheres; conditions; planets; sacred mountains; grains, colors, tastes, poisons; powerful charms; cardinal virtues; blessings; eternal ideas; relations to human kind.

Christian: Five depicts human beings after the Fall in the Garden of Eden. There are five senses; five points to the cross; wounds of Christ; fishes feeding five thousand; and books of Moses.

Egyptian: There are five crocodiles of the Nile.

Graeco-Roman: Five is the nuptial number of love and union.. It is the number of Venus. Venus years are completed in groups of five. Apollo as god of light has five qualities: omniscience, omnipresence; omnipotence, eternity, and unity.

Hebrew: Five represents strength and severity; radical intelligence. In kabbala five represence fear.

Hindu: Five is the quinary groups of the world; the five elements of the subtle and coarse states; their primary colors; of senses; five faces of Siva and the twice-five incarnations of Vishnu.

Islamic: There are five pillars of religion; five Devine Presences; five fundamental dogmas; five actions; and five daily times of prayer.

Parsee: Five is a significant number in Parsee and Mandaean rites - possibly connected with the five sacred intercalary days of light.

Pythagorean: Hieros, gamos, the marriage of heaven, earth. It represents Apollo as God of light and his five qualities.

Pentagrams often show up on palms - hands.

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Numerological Codification

( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications on the following )

5 = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0

the Numerical Egregore of Five = 92
92 = -19 = 55 = 18 = 39 = -2 = 13

# correspondences: [-32] 32
[-23] 20
[-5] IX (9)
[5] I (1)
[14] 3, 5, 9
[23] CCCX (310)
[32] 002
[59] 333, 528
[68] -18

D-Cipher Gematria of Nothing M.T.G. Tarot Keys

5 [GoN] I

5 = Mass control ( V. ) heirophant / apotheosis
{mtg card} Cannibalize

5 = Trouble ( 4 cups )
was: LUXURY = -37
luna : cancer
{mtg card} Submerge

5 = Enjoyment ( 6 cups )
was: Pleasure = 15
sol : scorpio
{mtg card} Vanishing

-5 [GoN] S

-5 = VALOUR ( 7 wands )
mars : leo
{mtg carrd} Vengeance

-5 = Neutrality ( disk prince )
air of earth
{mtg carrd} Knight of valor

-5 = Inventor ( wand prince )
air of fire
{mtg card} Crusader




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