The Numerical Egregore of One
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Keys: Strength/Rapture   ·   Mantra: LITOF CEGU MAHRN

1: Strength in Unity

[ from Z(enseider)Z Numeric Gates ] the eminence of will alone; unity and completeness; savoir faire; subtlety and artistry; the wisdom of adeptship; the motive of this world; the sign of life, like an endless cord; that unity which is the mother of numbers; cunning; probability in all its forms, mutation, revolution of things, vicissitude; spirituality ruling over the flux of circumstance; the first thing that came into existence was called the "monad", which begat the dyad, which begat the numbers, which begat the point, begetting lines or finiteness, etc. culminating in the four elements earth, water, fire and air, from which the rest of our world is built up. Pythagorean and Platonic philosophers like Plotinus and Porphyry condemned Gnosticism for their treatment of the monad or one. In the philosophy of Plotinus and a number of other neoplatonists, one is the ultimate reality and source of all existence. One is the impossible beginning of everything coming out of the void. As in music, it bears the stress: ONE-two-three...

[ from ] "1 (one) is the natural number following 0 and preceding 2. It represents a single entity. One is sometimes referred to as unity or unit as an adjective. For example, a line segment of "unit length" is a line segment of length 1. 1 is considered to be a primordial unity. The beginning. The Creator. It the First Cause or as some cultures refer, the First Mover. One is the sum of all possibilities. It is essence, the Center. One is referred to isolation. One springs forth, upsurges. It is seen as the number that gives cause to duality as multiplicity and back to final unity.

[ from the Magician's Dictionary ] "Every Creation; Ultimate Power, God, Hadit the point, Uniqueness; the Manifest (Set, Sirius B), Pluto; the gods; Kether; Cosmic Consciousness; Yod-Atziluth; Archetypal world; Aleph; Reason. Egyptian ankh. Fire. The most powerful of all magical numbers. Number of the individual and the unique. All miracles are possible once. One is the impossible beginning of everything coming out of the void. As in music, it bears the stress: ONE-two-three..."

[ from ] "Primordial unity, the beginning, the Creator, the first mover, the sum of all possibilities, absolute being, the Indivisible, which is still in the germ. The principle, which leads to the duality and diversity, and therefore back to the final unit. The monad. Within the one the spirit of the pure zero densifies itself to the world of matter. One is the point. The first dimension. It is neither prime nor is it even or odd, or even square root. It rests in itself and is embodied in all other figures. Concerning this, the one makes counting necessary. It shows the man which has become aware of its forces and possibilities, to recognize them."

Exponential Branches

  • Tetractys: Monad
    • Proportion: Point
    • Tautology: Whole / All
    • Ratio: 1:1
    • Interval: Fundamental/Unison/Drone/Key Center/Root
    • Note: Db/C#
    • Geometry: Concentric Circles
    • Euclidean isometries: Radials
    • Platonic Solid: Sphere
    • Seasons: Ostara (Spring equinox) 3/19-22
    • Suits: Cups
    • Faculties of Consciousness: Clairvoyace, conscious expansion, crystal reading, divination, dreams, enchantment, Magick in general, mediumship, premonitions, psychic faculties, telepathy, trances, visions. Also helps with confusion of the mind, deception, diseases of which the cause is hard to find, drug addiction, drunkenness, emotional depression, hallucinations, hysteria, inferiority complexes, neurosis, obsessions, paranoia, lack of sleep
    • Basic Meaning: Impulse
    • Functions: Projection
    • Gestation: Insemination
    • Growth: Integral (Elder)
    • Qualities: Just (Father)
    • Ranks: King
  • Keyword: Eminence
  • Concept: Sound
  • [GoN]: D = 10, M = 1, O = -1, X = -10
  • Poetry: None on Record
  • Thoth Tarot: I. The Magician or Juggler, X. Fortune, XIX. The Sun
  • Z(enseider)Z: 1. The Hustler, 10. The Game, 19. The Shinning Path
    • Planet: Neptune (Inspiration)
    • Element: Water
    • Aura: Dreaming
    • Zodiac: Pisces (Faith) Moment of Inertia [Projection] ML²
    • Color: Green/Blue
    • Meaning : [Green] Money, fertility, abundance, good luck, harmony, growth, employment, beauty and spontaneous organic creativity. [Blue] Inspiration, occult wisdom, protection and devotion
    • Metal: none, coral or anything from the sea is useful
    • Aroma: Anything slightly mind altering or hallucinogenic --- neroli, lotus, lobelia, poppy, fennel, cannabis
  • Great Old One: Abhoth
  • Pesedjets: Tefnut (moisture)
  • Ouranian: NAGUZ
  • #ppl: 001
  • Archetype: Scientist/Serial Killer

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The Esoteric Meaning of One

The singular "I", the individual, the line of continuum, energy held and gathered back to itself

  • The number One (1) is the first product of what was a void of potential (O/zero). It is the singular point and the individual place of new beginnings and energetic growth. From the place of the One is the straight path from which at any point of that path divergence, split and detour can be taken. I think of one as being the singular "I". This singular "I" is man/woman in his prime form and depending on the spiritual evolutionary state of that man/woman it is either Higher, Lower or combined Selves. This is the state of awareness of your own ‘beingness’ before embellishment or enhancement, relationship or possession, outward identifiers or things that would define you as something more than the prime nature of yourself. Additionally, because the number "one" is the starting place it is also the energy of action and taking steps towards the product of that action.
  • The planetary energy of the Sun is attributed to the number One. The Sun is the central and prominent cosmic body of our universe. It is life giver by virtue of its heat and the place of quickening or beginning for much of life on our planet. It is the electromagnetic force that if we venture too close we are blinded by the blinding light and heat that pervades. This is similarly the same principle of our own Divine state of being. In truth we are as bold and enblazened as the Sun itself, but as humans in physical form we fail to realize the brilliance of our inner state.
  • The goal is one of actualizing the self and ego to shine as brightly as the Sun in human form and draw to itself the boons of all that surrounds.
  • In looking at the shape and form of the number l, it is not difficult to visualize the concept of a singular point reaching downwards towards extension as the other point of origin reaches upwards towards expansion. Each point of origin blends seamlessly into a single line of continuous movement of return and release that holds within its structure the potential for movement in any direction and creation of something new. In the sphere of Kether it is exactly this nature that creates the continuum of ITSELF, expressed through the division of ITSELF.

Astrology: The House of Self (The Ascendant)- Personality and Ego

  • This is the astrological house that provides the energy that is the core of who you are and how you relate to the world. Our rising sign (always in the First House) is the true you; stripped naked and in all your glory and vulnerability. Its ruling sign is Aries which is the fire of new beginnings and the catalyst that offers enthusiastic curiosity to all of its endeavors. Aries is the one that desires attention and as the start of the Zodiacal Wheel brings the youth of invincible action to all it touches.

Tarot: The Magician

  • Tarot Key I – The Magician is the conduit of wielding the flow of universal energy from the ephemeral realms of the Divine and the manifest foundations of the Physical world. We see within the Magician the ability and knowledge to effectively create drawing from the universal laws that govern the magickal and the mundane. There is composure and assuredness in this power, yet the realization that he as well is subject to the transformative energies he is choosing to be vessel for. This is a state of control that has been finely honed and exacted with just the precise amount of force and form to produce the product of power and magick. The Magician is the interface that we hold within that contains all that is needed to produce new life and new form of Being. But, its energy may only be accessed when the all of the tools (parts of self) are acquired and mastered.

Qabalah: Kether – Crown

  • Kether stands as the First Sphere on the Tree of Life. Within the energy of the number 1 is not only the place of singularity, but also a foundation from which the potential to replicate and create in its own diffuse image is contained. It is the beginning and also the point of completion and there is choice to be made regarding that status. It may stay inert and alone or may choose to seek out, diversify and through the ending of its singular nature move towards polarity and duality.

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Numerological Codification

( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications on the following )

1 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0
10 = 3 = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0
-1 = 37 = -11 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0
-10 = 32 = -32 = -3 = 43 = 0

the Numerical Egregore of One = 86
86 = 0

[-37] # 66

[-19] # 61

[-10] # 6 = 2004

[-1] # 2007

[10] # 80

[73] # 153

[82] # 418

[91] # 718 = 1351

D-Cipher Gematria of Nothing M.T.G. Tarot Keys

1 [GoN] M

1 = Control
( XV. ) devil / thinker
mtg card: Lightbringer

1 = STRENGTH ( 9 wands )
[luna : saggitarius]
mtg card: Volcanic Hammer

1 = Protect ( sword king )
[fire of air]
mtg card: Cadaverous Knight

-1 [GoN] O

-1 = SATIETY ( 10 cups )
[mars : pisces]
mtg card: Jolt = -1

-1 = Outcast ( cup princess )
[earth of water]
mtg card: Keeper of the Mind

-1 = Fortify ( disk king )
[fire of earth]
mtg card: Seeker of skybreak

10 [GoN] D

10 = Energy
( XVI. ) tower / destroyer
mtg card: Cataclysm

10 = Severe ( 2 wands )
was: DOMINION = 19
[mars : aries]
mtg card: Minion of the Wastes

10 = Order ( wand king )
[fire of fire]
mtg card: Chaos Lord

-10 [GoN] X

-10 = FUTILITY ( 7 swords )
[luna : aquarius]
mtg card: Terror = -10

-10 = Thirst ( sword prince )
[air of air]
mtg card: Black Knight

-10 = Twin ( sword princess )
[earth of air]
mtg card: Hell's Caretaker




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