Explanations of the values involved in Numerology
( definitions taken from The Magician's Dictionary, Wikipedia, and other sources at random )

          The first thing to remember about numbers is that each number, far from being just an accretion of previous numbers, really is unique. Numbers are the quintessence of symbology, and numerology appeals mostly to the abstract metaphysician, just as, in science, mathematics appeals to the abstractminded scientist. Numerology, like astrology and palmistry, has a bad reputation because it's so easily misunderstood and misused. Since we can all recognize synchronicity, it's only natural to rush from there to the assumption that coincidence is the same thing as divination. But, synchronicity is nothing more than evidence that there are patterns of many kinds. It would be better if we could de-emphasize the practical side of everything and concentrate on the esthetics. The Egyptians used to teach that the most valuable things are the most useless: the arts, for example, or philosophy, or gold.

          Finally, we should remember that it was through the indolent adoption of the easy decimal system (rather than the more perfect and exacting duodecimal system) that Atlantis finally brought itself down. This mathematically lazy way out is exactly the same path for which we have settled.

          So numerology is simply the metaphysical side to numbers. One and one, for instance, are two, not because arithmetic says so, but because being equally "unique" they can't be reconciled as one, or "united," and are therefore at odds and in conflict with each other, as opposites in a mutual duality or "duel." Three, on the other hand, is a collection based on some kind of agreement, four a quaternity based on crossed oppositions in perfect balance, and so one.

          There are also different ways of dealing with numerology -- theoria and praxis. In gematria, however, the idea is to add up the value of a word and then find other words that add up to the same number. They would thus be equivalents. This works rather well in Hebrew (to a lesser extent in Greek) but rather poorly in English -- simply because of the intrinsic differences between languages. Example: Jehovah has the same value as Chozeh ("seer" or "prophet"). Therefore, to the ancient Jews, God and Prophesy would be practically synonymous.

          Numerological reduction is a convenience. It's easier to deal with numbers from 1 to 10 than with great blobs like 847 or 9,556,431. But numerologists also add before reducing. If a room contains 8 people, the numerology lecturer might perhaps decide to deliver his "octave" message. If 3 more people arrived, he'd change that to 11 which has an entirely different meaning from its reduction to 1 + 1 = 2. The higher the number, the more unstable its meaning becomes. For example, 11 stands symbolically for all the higher numbers (above 10), which is why 11 is the number of Sorcery. The values of the Hebrew letters are: 1-ALEPH, 2-BETH, 3-GIMEL, 4-DALED, 5-HE, 6-VAU, 7- ZAYIN, 8-CHETH, 9-TETH, 10-YOD, 20-KAPH, 30-LAMED, 40-MEM, 50-NUN, 60-SAMECH, 70- AYIN, 80-PE, 90-TZADDE, 100-QOPH, 200-RESH, 300-SHIN, 400-TAV, 500-FINAL K, 600-FINAL M; 700-FINAL N, 800-FINAL P, 900-TZ, 1000-ALEPH (writ large).

          In both Arab esoteric studies and in Judaic Cabal, such numbers form anagrams and extend the power of words: e.g., 93=Greek Agape, 398=Neshek, the serpent, and also Messiah. The meanings of some of the numbers (my own attributions, plus some of Crowley's gematria from Liber 777):

  000 Void of Voids, without possibility of Being.

  00 the Double Void

  0 Zero, the Void, The Goddess, Infinite Nuit, the Unmanifest. The "number" out of which everything comes. In the Tarot it's called "The Fool" because it obey its own mysterious, unknowable rules and is not subject to analysis. (Although we can and do theorize about it). It's the Great Mother, the Void, that which lies beyond Alpha and Omega; Original Mind.

  1 Every Creation; Ultimate Power, God, Hadit the point, Uniqueness; the Manifest (Set, Sirius B), Pluto; the gods; Kether; Cosmic Consciousness; Yod-Atziluth; Archetypal world; Aleph; Reason. Egyptian ankh. Fire. The most powerful of all magical numbers. Number of the individual and the unique. All miracles are possible once. One is the impossible beginning of everything coming out of the void. As in music, it bears the stress: ONE-two-three...

  2 Matter; The Fall; Opposition; Good & Evil; Neptune; Chokmah (subject), Moons of Mars, Neptune; Heh-Briah; Dissention. Egyptian uas; the number of division and opposition, analysis and separation; Darkness and light; Good and Evil. Mystery.

  3 Evolution; Space; Unanimity, Unity, the ALL, multiplication, Saturn; Binah (object); vav-Yetzirah. Egyptian djed. (Grant assigns 3 to Set and Satan.) Synthesis, construction. Abundance, fruitfulness. The apparent "difference" of things in the Gurdjieffian sense -- the template in the mind. 3 also is the emblem of infinity.

  4 Manifestation: the Elements, etc; Jupiter; Chesed; heh-Assiah. Egyptian nebet. Earth. Number of physical reality, completing the foundations of things. Practicality. The Authority to be. Command. Mercy.

  5 Consciousness; the hand, pentagram, man; Mars; Geburah. Moons of Uranus. Chinese elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal) -- Earth is the fifth element, yellow and central. The number of mediation, hence: Humanity . Sin, error, but also progress and knowledge. Without 5 there is no human evolution or purpose. Courage. Achievement.

  6 The Work of Creation; The Sun; Solar-Phallic energy; Spatial Directions, Harmony; Tiphareth. In the I Ching, 6 is the number of Yin, i.e., Completion. Time, space and astronomy. Number of beauty and the power of love.

  7 The Totality of Creation; Earth's escape velocity (M. P. S.); Will; Classical Planets; tones; the inferior power zones; The Dragon's head; Scorpion; Swastika; Hyena; Serpent, Lion, Ape, Typhon; Colors in the spectrum; Opportunity (because man develops by 7 year periods). Number of overcoming, victory, accomplishment. Perfect harmony. The Virgin, symbol of eternal rather than created things.

  8 Infinity (the Lemniscate); Octagon, heaven on earth or lower sephiroth plus Daath (or 7 planets plus Sothis); Mercury; Hod, Ogoad, the Buddhist & other 8 path. Perfection. Strength, fortitude, everlastingness. It is the first cubic number, hence it stands for the cube itself, or earth. Splendor of endurance. The octagon is the symbol of the meeting of heaven & earth because it is a compromise halfway between the square (earth) and the circle (heaven).

  9 Number of the Moon; Container of all numbers; Number of known astronomical planets. Eternity; Yesod; Endings, echatology; Moons of Saturn; Number of Muses; In the I Ching, 9 is the number of Yang. Arabic Ta(Secret Knowledge ). Number of absolute completion, perfection and wisdom. Since the ennead is the final limitation, it is the acceptance of solitude and the beginning of the inward journey to the Infinite.

  10 Earth, Samsara; Reincarnation; (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) The Tetractys; Yod; number of Sephiroth; Commandments; planes; Malkuth. This is the number of new beginnings based on harmonious conclusions to previous activities. It is the lower exponent of the Monad, the created world. It is the individual, unique power as it appears in harmonious context with the many other uniquenesses of the world. It is great fortune.

  11 Number of the years of the sunspot cycle. The general number of magic or sorcery and magicians -- or energy tending to change. Uranus. Daath (or Egyptian Duat, Tuat). This is the individual in confrontation with the world. Hence it is the number of Justice and Balance. It is also the number of war and the battle with the demonic element.

  12 Baptism; Sacrifice; Solar zodiac. The number of the hanged man, i.e., sacrifice. This is the individual as he is plunged into the world and at the same time apart from it.

  13 Arachne, the spider. The scale of the highest feminine unity; easily transformed to secondary masculine ideas by any male component; or, the unity resulting from love. Death; Lunar Zodiac; beginning of adolescence; Moons of Jupiter. Orbits in solar system (including Vulcan, Isis and Osiris). Thirteen is also the basic Mayan unit of change (13 days to a week) and the number of months in the Newtime calendar. Number of Death and Metamorphosis -- as the old life completes, a new life must begin. This is the practical side or physics of metaphysics. From 13 to 20 may be likened to the stages of an LSD experience in which the Ego dies and must be totally disintegrated. Then at 20 is reborn and at 21, the Ego is deliberately re-shaped into a new individual that fits ideally into the world.

  14 Number of pieces into which Osiris's body was cut by Set; Gematria of Zahav. Temperance or Art, it is, the physical means by which one is able to manipulate and balance the world.

  15 Kamea sum of Saturn; Illusion; The Devil. The number of illusion -- it's the shadow cast by beauty and love. Since it has to do with darkness as an illusion, the Devil is called Lucifer, the light-bearer. (The holder of the torch is himself in the darkness.)

  16 Number of Eve; Number of human kalas (bodily secretions). In Egyptian hieroglyphs, symbolized delight because this is the age when a young man has his first sexual experience. Coitus, thus, is 16 next to 16 = 1616. The Tower of Babel. This is the struggle for Heaven as it erupts in words -- that is, the understanding of oneself is not always able to communicate to others.

  17 Tantric number of kalas! The masculine unity. (Trinity of Aleph, Vau, Yod). Star of the magi. The Star is all those striving things -- hope, ambition, faith, longing, etc. It feeds on itself and re-invigorates all that it touches. It accomplishes what The Tower cannot.

  18 Percentage of the Moon's surface varying from visible to invisible. The Moon (twice 9). This is the solitary path itself, leading back into the inner being and one's own enlightenment.

  19 Number of the year of the lunar cycle; Xtian "Golden Number"; The feminine glyph. The Sun. This is the ultimate, true enlightenment itself; the quest of all our strivings.

  20 Number of days in the Maya month. Kaph. Resurrection. Rebirth.

  21 Mystic number of Tiphareth; Age of majority; 3 x 7. The World (as it is built back up in a better way).

  22 Letters in Hebrew alphabet; Major Arcana; Tunnel Sentinels.

  23 The "glyph of (nascent) life"; Coincidence and Synchronicity.

  24 Path of Scorpio (Scarlet Woman) or of the Water Demon. Letters in Greek alphabet.

  26 Tetragrammaton; Numbers of the Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar (without Maat); Letters in English alphabet.

  28 Lunar cycle of days. Solar cycle of years (1st day of week restored to same day of week). Letters of Arabic alphabet. The numbers from 1 - 7 add up to 28 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7).

  29 The magic force itself, the masculine current. Days in moon cycle, feminine current. 29 = 2 + 9 = 1 = 2.

  30 Number of degrees in a sign. Ass; Lamedh.

  31 Gematria of AL (God) also means "Not," key number of the New Aeon; The highest feminine trinity -- zero through the glyph of the circle. (Great Modulus of Zero.)

  32 Number of gravity increase acceleration (32 feet per second per second); Paths of the Qabalah.

  33 Age of Christ; magical age in general.

  34 Jupiter Kamea sum.

  35 This is the symbol of possible losses. The atomic number of bromine.

  36 Star sapphire; the Sun; curses. Platonic duodecimal. 37111/3; A prime number; sum of Daath (11) and the 4 Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar (10 + 9 + 6 + 11 + 1). The unity itself in its balanced trinitarian manifestation.

  40 Mem; Babylonian rain period -- 40 days before festival of New Year, when Pleiades visible. (Thus Jewish 40 days.) 40 days is the philosophical month and 40 the number of preparation, waiting, the wisdom of darkness and the natural processes of solution and disintegration.

  41 Percent of the Moon's surface hidden from earth; the yoni as a vampire force, sterile. Hispanic number of homosexuality.

  42 The completion of the elements experienced via darkness.

  43 A number of orgasm -- especially the male.

  44 Cabal; sand; blood/water; flame; Aquarius.

  45 Adam.

  47 The yoni as dynamic, prehensile, spasmodic, etc. Esprit de travail.

  49 7 x 7. In Tibetan Bsm. 49 is the number of days spent in the Afterworld between incarnations.

  50 Number of minutes later the moon rises every night.

  53 The yoni as instrument of pleasure (Hedonogenous.)

  55 Phallos.

  56 Word of Nu or Nuit (Abrahadabra as the union of 5 & 6.)

  59 The yoni calling for the lingam as ovum, menstruum and desire.

  60 Second and minute units; Machine cycles; Samekh; Greek X.

  61 Nia; Ain; the negative positively knowing self.

  64 I Ching patterns.

  65 Mars Kamea sum.

  66 Mystic number of the Opus Magnum and the Qlipoth.

  67 The Womb containing the twins.

  70 Biblical "Age" of Death; Ayin; Omicron.

  71 A number of Binah, silence and nothingess.

  72 The mystical Platonic duodecimal number whose powers and multiples produce the distances between planets, diameters of orbits, etc. 72 is the Average human life-span today.

  73 The feminine aspect of Chokmah in his phallic function.

  76 Halley's comet orbit in years.

  78 Mezla, influence from above; total number of Tarots, Ego, Ape of Thoth, Aiwass, the Oza (giants or monsters of creation).

  80 Peh; pi.

  81 Number of Tetragrams in the T'ai Hsan Ching; Talam; Moon; Witchcraft; Hecate.

  82 Compound number; Angel of Venus, beloved object.

  83 Consecration; highest form of love. Energy, freedom, amrita, aspiration.

  87 Number of Lebenah (Frankincense), Aossic; chalice.

  88 Khabs, "The Star."

  89 A number of sin and taboo. Silence, of Black Magic.

  90 Tzaddi.

  91 Number of hairs (paths) in the Supernal Beard.

  93 Thelema, Agape, Aiwass.

  97 A number of Chesed as water and as father.

  99 Ending of endings. Tithiane; Geburah's infernal abode.

  100 Kephalos; Qoph; Rho.

  108 A Platonic duodecimal number.

  111 "Ain Sof Aur"; Kamea sum of the Sun; Number of Abra-Melin Servitors.

  123 War, plague, pleasure, violation.

  131 Samael, Satan, Pan, Baphomet.

  156 Zion; Babalon; number of letters for Enochian tablet.

  160 Ipo (name of the sun in a lower hemisphere); the number of Tonal in Castaneda's world of phenomena (Nagual is to Tonal as Sirius to Ipo).

  164 A compound number; Cleaving; profane, as opposed to sacred.

  177 The Garden of Eden.

  200 Resh, Sigma.

  210 The Return; Joining to the Void's original 3 stages; 000.

  216 Platonic duodecimal number.

  217 Sigma-eta-theta, Seth; Star of Babalon (Scarlet Woman); Sirius; Deborah, "the Bee" (Sekhet, goddess of intoxication and sexual passion).

  222 Beyond Good and Evil; Whiteness.

  256 Number of poisonous methods of astral projection.

  260 The Mayan Tzolkincycle of change. 260 = 13 x 20 (the mystic numbers); Kamea sum of Mercury; Tiriel, the Intelligence of Mercury.

  261 Meher Baba; Hriliu; Word of the Dove; "The Abomination of Desolation" (Stele of Reveling).

  280 RP, "Terror"; number of squares on the side of the vault containing the body of Christian Rosenkreutz.

  289 PTR, hole, void.

  292 The "drug of death"; the raven (black bird of Set); Chozzar.

  300 Shin, Greek tau.

  305 Number of Yetzirah.

  325 Bartzabel (spirit of Mars).

  330 SOR (revolution); hurricane; tempest; circles of time.

  333 "Connection to the Infinite"; Chaos: Shugal-Set, the front half of the beast, which together with Choronzon or Chozzar, the back, makes 666.

  342 Bsm.; Perfume; ambrosia.

  353 Hermes.

  360 Degrees in a circle (or zodiac).

  365 Days in a year; number of Abraxas (Greek letters); number also of Mithras.

  369 Kamea of Luna.

  370 Left hand; Sabbatic Goat; Creation (as matter and spirit); Foundation.

  389 Aossic (ancient extraterrestrial entity).

  393 Blends the twin forces of Set and Horus (lightside and nightside of the Tree of Life).

  400 Tav.

  406 Tav spelled out; also "Thou."

  412 Romulus.

  418 Abrahadabra.

  442 Ends of the Earth.

  444 "The Limits of Manifestation"; Al-Azif, Alhazred.

  474 Gematria of Daath.

  500 Phoenix; Kaph final; psi.

  504 Figures in the formation of circles.

  505 Kamea sum of 10 x 10.

  511 Head.

  535 Kteis.

  555 Enlightenment.

  600 Mem final; Chi.

  612 Zeus.

  640 Shamash; realm of the Sun; Mpitzth(horrible idol); Gematria of Cup of Consolation; menstrual blood.

  666 Number of Hatkariel; sum of the square of The Sun (i.e. the Antichrist). Splendors of Being; Number of the Beast; Beast with two backs; Satanic Trinity (Typhon, Apophis, Besz), opponent of Michael, Sorath..

  671 Thora/Athor/Tharo.

  700 Nun final; Upsilon.

  733 "The White Head."

  777 Magic, Creation. Dagon; Stauros.

  789 Link between Aeon of Horus and Maat.

  800 Peh final, Omega.

  801 The sum of "Alpha and Omega"; also peristera, "a dove."

  823 Sahasra; graven idol.

  864 Platonic duodecimal number.

  888 Metamorphosis, Iesous.

  900 Tzaddi final.

  999 Eternal Evolution (past, present, future); End of the World; Number of the true Trinity; "Nymphe" or creatures such as the Dols or Dholes; Romulus Hespaeria; Triple 9 Society; 999 C.E. is the year that Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) died. The final resolution of 333 and 666.

  1000 The Millenium; Rab-Aleph.

  1060 The Tabernacle (Meshken).

  1061 Sunset.

  1296 Platonic duodecimal number.

  1461 Sirius Cycle.

  1728 Platonic duodecimal number.

  1999 Date of Nostradamus' prediction of the Eschaton.

  2000 Precessional Change; Year of the Dragon.

  2012 Mayan date of "end of the world."

  2167 Corrected precessional number.

  3168 Important ancient mystical number used in construction.

  5040 Another important ancient number.

  12,358 Fibonacci series.

  26,000 Great Year of the Egyptians.

  36,000 Ancient Chaldean Saros Cycle.

  114,048 Platonic number thought to have the best factors for making it the number of the world-soul.

  187,740,489 Nine to the ninth power.