Lexic Items homologous to the Numerical Egregore of Three = 92

-39   ( negative thirty nine = 27 = -18 = 68 = -6 )
sumptuous, trusty, twenty two (22)

-30   ( negative thirty = 13 )
Art thou sorry? (AL II:46), forty two (42), pussy, six six six (666), sky over sky, stumpy, Tityus Tityos or Tityus was a giant from Greek mythology. Tityos was the son of Elara; his father was Zeus. Zeus hid Elara from his wife, Hera, by placing her deep beneath the earth. Tityos grew so large that he split his mother's womb, and he was carried to term by Gaia, the Earth. Once grown, Tityos attempted to rape Leto at the behest of Hera. He was later slain by Artemis and Apollo. As punishment, he was stretched out in Tartarus and tortured by two vultures who fed on his liver, which grew back every night. This punishment is comparable to that of the Titan Prometheus), Uruz (pronounced Oo-rooze) equates to the English letter U. Variants of the name are Ur (Norse and Old English) and Urus (Gothic). It is the second rune of the Futhark and the second in Freya's aett. The name means Aurochs, a now-extinct European wild ox), you know you don't love me

-21   ( negative twenty one = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
dry your tears, dust lost in dust, holy truth, is your life a horror story?, it's how you look at it that counts, Jesus Returns, joyous, now you know who i am, Nuit knows it, open up your mind and go your own way, Nyx, overturn, property, prosperity, Pontus, Quorum, Romulus, shut up, sistrum, Sowulo, super powers, superiority, supportive, suppress, thirsty, time is out to get you, time runs out, tiryns, tits up, trust no one, try, turn upwards, Tyr, unto Nu, vision of sorrow, vulture, XY

-12( negative twelve = 26 = -33 = 27 = -18 = 68 = -6 )
assumptions, autonomy, be worth your salt, blowsy, blurry, CLXXIX (179), constructs, entry, exists, fifty two (52), hypnotize, hypocrisy, i love you, I must wait for the true sunrise, in other words i love you, in truth, in truth I reveal to you, iniquity, intuitively, July, know your creator, Kulullu, lotto, Mitt Romney, mother lotus, numitor, noisy, our, our will, Ouroboros, passport, Physis, powers, prisons, pure joy (AL II:9), purpose, pushover, pussy cat, puzzled, quest, return, rooster, root, rotten fruit, Ruby Slippers, savour, Sculptor, seventy (70), shortest, six one six, solar system, solipsist, sorrowing, spirits, sprint, stop wasting our time, strip, stunted growth, subtlety, sun, sundown, supersaturation is dry, superstring, survival, Swords & With Spears (AL III:11), synthesis, taste truth, the holy truth, the show must go on, this is your number, Thunor, thus, turds, thy stature shall surpass the stars (AL II:78), tiny, tits, TNT, township, toxin, tranquility, triton, trolls, Tum, turtle, twerp, Twinstar, unix, us, users, ways, wolves, wounds, X-ray, yo, Yog Sothoth, you never know what you will find, young, Z, Z(cluster), zero point

-3   ( negative three = 43 = 0 )
Al-Uzza, amours, artery, artist, assist, astronomers, augurs, autonomatrix, blowing you, bottomless pit, bows, Bronx, burr, butterfly, buttes, by-word, caught with your pants down, coitus, compost, copy, count, countdown, crazy, crow, Crowley, crown, cups, destroyer, devout, dissolution, distortion, Do what thou wilt, doorway, Egypt, Engywook, event horizon, exploit, explosion, forum, four hundred twenty (420), four wind, fox, Girru, gown, Ground Zero, Gyfu, Hastur, Hollywood, husk, imposter, inquietum, insecurity, integrity first, interrogatory, intuitive, it stems from, it's all over now, it's not too late, IV (4), laying you down, lix, love's, lungs, lupercus, lycanthropy, mastery, Mentu, modesty, monument, Morpheus, motivations, mouse, Muslim, muzzled lion, my everything, NYPD, naxos, Nephthys, neuritis, neuron, ninety (90), no more unsolved mysteries, noobstruction, notes, notion, null, odour, opening your eyes, opponent, opposite, orko, other worlds, our love is not frozen in time, Passover, password, person, pessimist, philosophy, pillow, pit, pointless, pollute, portraying, positive, priest, pulsar, punish, Q, quarks, quarter moon, reporter, restraints, ritualist, Russia, salmydessus, Saxon, say, scary isn't it?, sequester, serenity, serotonin, Shoot Forth Venom (AL II:26), silver star, Sirius/Sothis Sigil, six to nine, sixteenths, size, solve, somersault, sound, southward, sowing, Spero, splendrous, Star of Nuit, stillness, stink, stone, stooping, street, sue, surfer, surpassing, sweetness, tax, terrify, the consciousness is the universe of your soul, the narrow way, The Simpsons, The Sun, the thirty six paths of wisdom, the victorious city, the Z, Thou hast no right but to do thy will (AL I:42), Timothy Leary, toes, tongues, Totem, traitor, transforms, transit, transmitter, transmutation, true passion, tweet, twelve (12), two thirteen, tylcergyn, Ull, union, unique, unspoken, uptight, use, VI (6), visitations, wanton, whom, wish, Wizard Of Oz, Wotan, xaos, XVIII (18), Yeo, zazas, zen, zero in, zonewire

3   ( three = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
a spritual revolution, a sworn statement, adversity, airy, always, androgyny, annuls, apertures, apprizer, Arazu, arrest, art, ashy, ass, attune, ax, axioms, axis, beryls, blossom, blur, boozer, breezy, burl, by the way, by-play, Cernunnos, clown, comforts, compulsion, conundrum, Coph Nia is upon you, corpo, cousin, cyperis, devious, devotions, divinatory, Do you care to know O empty one?, do you still not realize?, don't, dot, doubts, drop, dry shit stick, eloquent, Elvis, Empress, enters, Eos, every move you make, evils, evolve, exposing, extinct, Faust, fell swoop, fertility drugs, fix, flinz, fools, for, forth, Fu-xing, full time work, generosity, gesture, guesses, gyrates, gyration, heteronym, honey, horrendous, how many times, HTML, if only, Illuminatus!, imprisonment, impulse, infirmity, insurrection, intuiting, invokes, IP, Iset, Iset Asar Orus, it's all around you, it's time, Italy, Ithyphallus, Jesus Christ, Jesus Jones, Jesus kills, Johnson, jumping for joy, just what it takes, K, Kanye West, Kenny Rogers, key of Solomon, kill yourself, knew, Laguz, lazuli, levis, Lift up thyself (AL II:78), light workers, listen to his servant, listen to the word, lives, lol, look, love-song, loveless, luvri baye pu mwe, lying, many, Masons, masters, May, mental institution, Mirza, monk, mote, mud wrestling, My word is six and fifty (AL I:24), narcissus, nebulous, Neptune, net, Noph, nose, not likely, nothing is true, nucleus, ones, Onion, only days away, Orlog, out of order, overlord, overprotective, penthouse, Peris, persuasion, Pi, powder, pre, profound, promise, proper emotion, Queens, queens, quiddity, rant, Rashnu, rat, resources, restaurant, restrains, resurrection, revive, Rhyannon, righteousness, ritual, rivals, Saturday, scientists, scorpio, scorpio sign, scorpion, Scottish Rite, senses, servitude, SETI, shiver, shooting star, Shunyata, sinful, sink, Sirat, skin, Skuld, smoker, Solomon's Temple, Song of Solomon, source, square, Star of Set, startle, stave, steer, strands, sub rosa, successfully, succubus, sunder, sunshine, survival of the fittest, sweeter, swine flu, synchropathology, talos, tar, Tat Sat, ten (10), Tengu, tenth, TFOMM (The Formula Of Modern Magick), that which survives, the first word, The Foursquare Mystic, the hour, the mystic rose, the Owls will represent wisdom, the Sphinx, the starry abyss burns in my mind, the ultimate truth, the universal soul, theogony, theosis, theriomorphosis, thersites, Thetis, thinks, this is really the truth, this is the hour, thoughtform, thyself, to live is to suffer, to me, toilet, too much, touch, transfuse, trees, tribute, trickster, truce, Tuesday, twain, twin sexed, ultraculturalism, unimposing, unlikely, up in smoke, urine, vacuum, vesta, vexing, victims, violin, virtual, vulgar, wait, walls, wanderlust, warrant, water, wayward, WB Yeats, wizard, womb, wordmongers, wormhole, Yam, Ygg, yin yang, yonder, you'll never forget it, you're wanted, zos kia,

12   ( twelve = -3 = 43 = 0 )
a jinx, abstruction, abut, adeptus, adult, aether storm, aglow, Aiwass, amp, amulet, ancestors, anions, anon, anti, antipathy, apparently, appose, aren't, ark, arose, arrant, Ashtoreth, asphyxiate, Astron Argon, Atoh, attics, auspicious aquarius, axe, B, bark trolls, be strong, bigots, bins, blood frenzy, bolter, bom, bongos, bosh, boughs, bowmen, brevet, brother, bug, bullet, bummer, bung, buoyed, busing, butted, by-path, centuries, certain holy nuns, chivalrous, chrysalis, claws, clit, closer, compass, conjunct, convict, couple, courted, craziness, creepy, cum stain, curtain, day, depths, discovers, dispersion, diver, documents, dragon's tooth, drive, dune, Edmonton, Eihwaz, Essenes, Eunuch, everything lines up just like it ought, existed, explodes, extend, extrapolation, fantasy, festive, fifty one (51), filthy one, folk, fountain, four one one (411), gaudy, glass, Gluckuk, gnosticism, go away, go to sleep, Graves, Great Spirit, grow or die, grunge, helix, her spells, him, hip-hop, his/hers, hive, hog, holocaust, hooker, hope, hopelessness, horoscope, horrid, Horus is coming, hospital, how is Minnesota?, hunted, ignatius, ignis, illnesses, immature, in the money, Ing, innovate, insight, insurmountable, intense, intentionally internal power, intimately, irritate, it is no secret, it tastes awful and it works, jasper stone, jazzed, Jesus the Christ, kill, killers, Kumal, Lamassu, Lao-tse, lapses, latent, lesbos, lightest, liquid, Lizzie Depp, Lord Tahuti, love has gravity, make out, Malkuth, mantras, manure, mask, mates, MDCCLXXVI (1776), Mehr, modify, mold, Monday, monger, monumental war, mount Ararat, my blood, narcolepsy, necrology, new years eve, Newark, night, nihilist, nipple, nude, numberless, observe, old serpent, ONA, one one four (114), optimal, origin, ornament, orphan, pair, pathworking, pay day, personal, pheromones, phone, pine, planter, pliant, precocity, printed, problems, purple haze, purpose of nuclear power, pyramid, radius, reason, reclusive, renounces, resign, resolved, respect, reversal, Robin, rocket, rod of iron, sadist, scepter, school, scope, scuplted, secret lover, septic, services, Shih, singer, slanderous, smile, sodomite, some one, Sonia, sound people, spectre, spend, spirited, stalker, stand, starlight, steam, streetcore, strong foundation, subduction, subdue, subtraction, successful, sumble, sumeria, superintendent, surefooted, talent, talk, Tare, tear, teen, teeth, teleportation, the Ass, The Empress, the fix, the flu, the many, the scorpion, the six pointed star, the source, The Trickster, the true path, the truth is right before your eyes, the twelve rays of the crown, the Wizard, the womb, themselves, thing, this is my blood, threat, Timshel, Tina, tiresias, Tolkien, total inspiration, transhumanism, trapezoid, twenty-six degrees Sagittarius, twinkle twinkle little star, unbroken, Undines, unhappiness, unlike, updraft, uplifting, user-friendly, Vali, Vata, verily thou shalt not die (AL II:21), to experience truth, vernal, vices, Viking, vision of splendor, vocals, vulnerability, Wahoski, wanker, Warner Brothers, warm/cool, wasted, web, week, weight, wheels, whirling, who is God?, whores do everything, wilderness, willing, world war three, world's end, wounded, wronged, Xeper-A Xeper Xeperu, Zayesh Mehr, zeal

21   ( twenty one = 15 = 33 = -2 = 13 )
A sharp, Aaron, abhors, adjusting, aeon, agonize, akin, alas I know, alive, all holy books, all is well, all words have power, amused, androgenous, anklet, annual, apparent apparition, arguing, arrived, Asclepius, asians, athanor, Atman, atonal, atrocities, attractive, avariciousness, avatar, awake yet?, awareness, azoetia, Azrael, bar, barely, barley, barn, barrio, be, Beth, bill, blaster, bleary, bond, bonier, boxcar, bra, bracts, brains, bran, buff, burial, burried, butane, by the same mouth, Cajun, carpet, cast doubt, cavern, CD, Cerberus, clone, cold/hot, cole, comatose, compete, cookies, crash, creature, crossing the abyss, cruise missile, cyclone, Dan Brown, darkness, deify, delirium, demophoon, despise, Dhurjati, digression, disappointment, disapproval, disc, disposed, divine, dj dsl, doing, dragon warrior, dragon's song, drunkard, Duamutef, dynamite, E=MC², Eb, eight (8), elders, electrostimulation eleven (11), eleventh empath, emphysema, encompass, Eric, ethric, excel, extricate, factor, Falkor, fancy, fathers, faught, fell, fell down, fifth (5th), filthy sheep, finite, fire in the soul, flap, flatterer, Fnord Mote Eris, foam, fool's gold, for the love of, Foundation, Freki, Friday, funeral, gangster, Gasperzemva, gave, Gentiles, gentle, Goal, Godmother, gone away, gratitude, green, grieving, Hal, hangs, Hannya, harlequin, hazards, he will come from no roots, Heh, helemt, Heng O, her beauty Hercules, herd, Hermaphroditus, Hermod, hid, High Priest, hippie, hiram, hydrothermal, I defy, I know the secret, IHDOM (I hold dominion over matter), imitate, immortal,body, impossible, incorrect, intentional, interesting/dull, international terrorism, intimate, javascript, Judaism, Kama Sutra, keen, Kenneth, kia, killer instinct, Kyleigh, languish, lapis exillis, laugh, Libya, lick, little people, Logan, Luke Andrews, lunar belt, Ma'at, maggot, Manat, Marc, Mary-Anne, master exploder, meanest, Medusa, messenger, model, Morfeas, Mother Teresa, Mr Big, mutilated, mystical number, mythical, NASA, Nedura, Neo Human, Netzach, New Aeon, nonexistence, nothing can stop this, obeying, obstinate, Olahm, one sees the truth in the letters, open the ways of the khu (AL III:37), opulence, ornate/simple, ordination, Osama, over the rainbow, pantheism, passionate, peck, persistence, Phanes, pitied, pleases, pretender, primordial point, probably, probationer, pubescent, pure land, purchase, quagmire, reach out, realism, realm, reaper, reception, record, redemption, relaxation, remind, reveal, revered, room thirteen thirteen, sally diva, salvia divinorum, Samita, Sarantakos, sated, Scarlet Whore, scoff, seeker, shape, show and tell, siblings, Sigma, Simmah, Simon Iff, sound principle, speculative, speed, spiraling, spiritual dragons, spread, stargate, suffering, sugar-coat, take note, tantalizing, temple of wisdom, that light, the first rays of dawn, the Frequency, the great equinox, the jewel is in the lotus, the key of the rituals is in the truth, the last emperor, the lost chord, the Jerk, the Power Elite, the purple haze, the pyramid, The Orphan, the radius, the responder, the rotten apple, the symbolism of numbers, the time must come, the true nature of reality, the twelve rayed star, the web, the wilderness, theatre, then you shall see, thereof, they stumbled at this, thirteen fourteen (1314), threaten, thrice, Tiphareth, today is god, transformed, treacherous, unbridled lust, uncertain, under the full moon, up for vacation, Valmiki, vampiric, vegan, vibrate, warrantee, water,lilies, wendigo, whale, where's Waldo?, white,lie, white,tara, withdrawal, Zam-Armatay

30   ( thirty = -16 = 31 = -8 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
Al la, a time shift, A'raf, abbeys, abhoth, acidly, acidopholous, Acrylick, acting, adoring, Aegir, Af-Na-Khonsu (AL III:37), afar, afterward, ageism, Agrippa, ah hi, Aja, Ajna, Alkaios, Amenta, and they all spoke of you, animation, aped, Aphrodite, Appaliunas, arches, arctic, ardent devotion, Arthur Pendragon, atrophied, attachments, attica, avenge, back-up, bads, balk, balsas, banner, bare, bashes, bather, bear, bearth, bee, been, beetles, befogs, bertha, Bes-na-Maut, beware, biceps, bikini, bilges, birch, bite me, blank, blemish, bode, bodies, boiling, boomed, braise, Brandon, breast milk, breath, briber, broad, buckle, budder, bureaucrat, buried treasure, but with the just I am eight (AL II:15), Calm amid Chaos, card, careless, carpal tunnel syndrome, Cassiel, chains, chaoism, Chitragupta, cohere, combat, conflict, conspiracy theories, contemplate, control freak, cornered, crapulous creeds, creeds, cthugha, dali, damsel, dangers, data, David, debit, Dehi, deity of God, delphi, deluge, Demiurge, diamond scriptures, direct hit, discernment, disfiguration, dissuade, dogma, doing things for others, don't panic, down to the last element, dzog chen, e-mail, East-Enders, Eighteen Visions, eighties (80's), embarrass, enamoured, engine, enslaved, equilibration, everyone is watching to see what you will do, exceptional, expected, faith no more, farewell, finch, Fingolfin Lissesul, flooding, forbid, fornication, foster care, Frank Zappa, Freemason, French, fuck off, game, Ganesh, gatherer, genetics George Bush Junior, get real, Gnostic revelation, God has no control, God man, goddess Eris, grades, grim reaper, habit, heal, healers, health, hell awaits, heptad, Hermanubis, hide, hir sageness, Hoor-pa-kraat, hope will keep you going, How long have you waited for this?, Hsing Yi Chaun, Huang-lao-jun, I wasnt prepared for this, images, Imbolc, immutable, in my coiling there is joy (AL II:26), infested, insolence, instant message, integrating, intoxicated, it is proper that she speak, it makes me, it would also appear, Jan Fries, Kama, Keteretic, Khannas, knock it off, Knowledge, La Al, laid, languid, Led Zeppelin, libel, linda, live long and prosper, mange, Marbas, married, martial law, meditation, mega, melodies, Mephistophales, mercy killing, Meredith, middle way, Moby Dick, mocha, motherland, my prophet shall reveal it to the wise (AL I:57), Nazorean Essenes, Nearing, Nebhet, Necronomicon, nickel, Nicola, Night of Pan nightcrawler, nine one one (911), nothing happens, norepinephrine, Norse Wicca, Nuit Hadit Ra-Hoor-Khuit, odi et amo, one five one (151), one one five (115), only the shallow know themselves, oracle, oscillate, Pabil, pantheistic, parasitic, past present future all are one in Yog Sothoth, pathetic, pedestal, picnic, pig fucker, Pike Bishop, pirate king, prodigal, published, quaalude, rabies, reassurance, recital, red knight, right forearm rise/fall, roses and pearls, sacrilegious, safari, Santa is Satan, scale, search, seducing, sefia, Serbia, sidewinder, slanderer, soul of the dragon, Staten Island, strength and mercy, subjugated, subterranean, suffocate, swallow this, table, tainted ground, telemarketers, Tetragrammaton, The Aeon, the Blood Royal, the darkness, the divine, The First Beast, the foundation, the Intimate, the Meditator, The Seeker, the shining ones, The standard you use will be used for you, the truth is behold! the way is yin and the power is yang, there are no wrong numbers, this is where I am, time for the cure, trail blazer, transgenic, treasure dragon, true diamond, ultimate paradox, Uncle Al, vagina, vanished, vatical, Venetian Snares, Verbius Beta, Vishuddha, war-engine, weakling, whoever knows them will not taste death, will not taste death, wonderland, Word of Creation, wounded pride, you can come home now, you crawl in the dark, you have made my house into a prison, you take this and stick it

39   ( thirty nine = -2 = 13 )
a magi, a seal on my heart, AAA, Acharis, ache, acid, addles, ADHD, Adhyatma, aeroplane, against the world outside, aged, aggravation, Airavata, Alaska, Alberta, albing, alined, Alkhemi, all is valid, amanita, Anael is love, and come unto me, anemic, apocalypse night, appearing, apprehend, architect, artisic ability, as silver and steel, attended, avarice, average, awaked, back, Bagoas, baleful, baling, banshees, bartender, below the belt, Beltane, betide, betrayed with a kiss, biding, Bill Gates, blab, blue-collar, Bodhisatva, book of revelation, breath of love, breathe, bridge, by the hand, Cai-shen, Calliope, calming, canal, catches, caterpillar, cave dwellers, chaotic, chaos being overthrown, chara, charming, cheese, chief, child molester, children, chinch, Chokmah, chronicle, Chu Jiang, cleanse, clear as crystal, Come unto me is a foolish word (AL II:7), comprehend, comrade, confounded, contaminate, Core desire, could this really be true?, crack ho, crucible, dancer, Dark Night of the Soul, death kills, delusions of grandeur, Democracy, denial, departed, devastated, dharma, different, din-din time, disbelievers, disliked, displeasing, Dreaming Culture, each, effect, eighteen (18), electroshock therapy, emcee, Emerald City, Enochian Vision, entertained, equal armed cross, erectile dysfunction, Ereskigal, eye decay, extraterrestrial connection, fables, fainted, fanatics, four comes back to four, fulfilled, full circle, geomantic, Ghemmal, globed, God saving justice, hack into reality, harbingers, have a fresh new start, her color is green, hibernation, homeward bound, Hoor Paar Kraat, human brain, humanitarian, I will be as I will, Iceman, ideal, immaterial, in her is all power given, infatuated, infidel, inhibiting, intimate fire, invaded, Jabberwocky, Jerry Garcia, July Nineteenth Two Thousand and Fourteen, Kadath, Kalika, kallah, kamea, Khalid, kidnapping, Killswitch Effluvic Reservoir, king midas, L Ron Hubbard, Lamda, leader, learned, left brain, Lemniscate, Liber AL, lightbringer, logical, Lughnasad, Makara, manager, master of life, masquerading, mitochondria, neighbouring, no hand path, now this is headline news, Obeah, obsidian, Orangebud, oscillating hyperspheres, Paradise, patience, philosophical, pomegranate, Psybermagick, public notice, redeemer, repentance, Republican, rest in peace, rotating pentagram, sarcastically, scapegoat, space time geometry, see all value, segregate, sentient being, sequence of nines, shall be, shielding, Shocked into reality, Sic transit gloria mundi (Latin: So passes the glory of the world), siddha, side by side, silver dragon king, Taliban, Tantric Buddism, the Administrator, the big picture, the breath, the dogs of Reason (AL II:27), the eighties (80s), The Five phases, the forces of Nature, The game, the Mage, the Night of Pan, the Pharoah's curse, the pirate king, the secret of luck, the sleeper must awaken, the ultimate end, the word god fire, they have refreshed my spirit, Thomas A Edison, time at a standstill, tobacco, Tree of Life, Ubbo-Sathla, unbidden, unspeakable horror, Vanaheim, weak force, World Trade Center

48   ( forty eight = 7 = 5 = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
a den God a humble attitude, absolutely alice, abstinence, accepting, accidents, admonished, advance, Adya Kali, age of reason, Aghartha, alcoholic, Algenib, alive and well, alphabet of ruin, America, American, amygdala, an appointed time, an exaltation of larks, arachne, as for all the liars, as for those practicing spiritism, attaining Kether, awakened, Babel, bad vibes, balled, Bawon Samedi, beanie, becalm, beheld, Beni Elohim, black brothers, blinded, Bobo Ashanti, Bohemian Grove, calculate, clandestine, Clive Barker, cocaine, comedian, communication with the gods, crucified, daemonic, death is not the secret of power, debauchery, deemed, dickweed, dire consequences, disbelieve, discouraged, disobedient, divine lunar force, doppelganger, dreamed, dreameme, easier than it seems, ejaculate, eliminated, emancipation, encoded, engage your brain, enneagram, epidemic, fact/fiction, fascinate, final daze, free domination,gematria is the computer, genitalia, global warming, goal of the living, going for the gold, guidance, Harihara, have a lot of sense listen,Heimdall, I can't get off the pot, I choose life, I am a living treasure, I said I heard you, I will eat the Earth, imagination is the secret truth, impenetrable, increased, insatiable insignificant, jail bait, Janeane, Jedi Mind Tricks, jet black, karma-free man driven insane, mental retardation, Middle East, Mucalinda, mystical anagrams, nasatanata, Nebuchadnezzar, nice/mean, none of you are excluded, Nonlinear Dynamics, nuclear bomb, Ocean of time, oddball, one will die one will live, Pharoah Monch, prince priest the beast, rabbit hole, rabbit under the moon,reach for me, reasonable, reptilian brain, right hand path, sacrifices, secret chiefs, self-sufficiency, Shemhamforash, sleeping, satellite, so remarkable, sweeter than death (AL II:63), technoshamanism, Temple Dahmer, The Cult Leader, the blood of men, The Emerald City, The Leader, The Legendary Pink Dots, the Lemniscate, the Manager, the Water of Universal Life, the whole tone scale, the wonderment of her insight, the world trade center, there is no escape, they die as a virgin, to protect and care for others, tree of metal ash, undifferentiation, Where there's a will there's a way

57( fifty seven = 9 = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
Abaddon, accountable, Adam Qadmon, adrenaline, affiliate, Also for beauty's sake and love's! (AL III:56), Amitabha, Anael Initiation, anapanasati, and one in eight (AL II:15), apple of knowledge, archangel, ascended, backfire, bedtime stories with the antichrist, beefed, Beetlejuice, before you leave think twice, befuddlement, beneficent, beneficiary, black dog, black hole, Black Technology, cannibalism, chalice, change the rest of your life, checkmate, Chiccan, Cinderella, concealing, Curse Of Obatala, December, deficiency Dharmakaya, diabolic, Dirachiel, Emerald belt, encroaching, eternal child, fama fraternitatis, fear of fate, get this and get better, get this and get it good, go ahead, god and devil, god really doesnt care what you do, greeting card, he is the dragon master, heartache, Holy Magick of Light, illegal immigrants, imaginary friend, incarcerate, incomprehensible, it shall absolve thee, Jagganath, leaving the atmosphere, lift up the stone and you will find me there, looking intently at the revealing, Metal Wood Earth Fire Water, modern qabalistic prophets, NAEQ magickal system, Odin All Father, Omega Particle, one hundred and seventy nine (179), panacea, paramethoxyamphetamine, perfect understanding, Prince Dakkar, radiance, remembrance, school killing in Minnesota, Seraphylogenocide, Shamballa, strewn dead bodies, succeeded, suicide bomber, Talking Heads, the age of reason, the black brothers, the Charlatan, the Comedian, the diamond body, the future of America, the height of callousness, the Hidden Controller, the most dangerous idea, the Mother of Abominations, the right hand path, They shall rejoice our chosen: (AL II:19), thunder and lightning, transcendence, Unified Field Theory, you cannot reason with a madman

66   ( sixty six = -37 = 18 = 39 = -2 = 13 )
abandoned, abominable, acacia, all secrets revealed, Allah U Akbar, awakening the mind, babe of the abyss, Bahaollah, Belief does not come from words, calmness in a state of clarity, chained to the mill, chupacabra, decapitated, deceased, Dirge for the desert dwellers, each day is first last and only, emerald triangle, free as a bird, from magick to tragick, Get into the rude awakening, Greenwich Mean Time, hiding place I am The Empress & the Hierophant. (AL II:16), I seize the reawakening, I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow (AL II:53), imbalance, Jaldabaoth, Lake of Gennesaret, Let the Holy one be made Holy still, Nightside of Eden, Odin the All Father, oh how the mighty have fallen, out of the frying pan and into the fire, phantasmagorical, prince of peace, Ronald McDonald, rules were made to be broken, the lords of the earth are our kinsfolk (AL II:18), the secret of the holy graal, the tree has eight sides, to be remembered, to straighten a crooked man, United States of America, Yahweh is the false god

75   ( seventy five = 2 = -16 = 31 = -8 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
bacchae, being duped misled, blinded by fear, But exceed! exceed! (AL II:71), chaos kabalas, come unto me in the beginning, deem not of change (AL II:58), diffidence, eight thousand and eight (8008), face to face, galactic center, garbage pail, getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness, golden fleece, I am the axle of the wheel (AL II:7), in the dead of night, It has never changed, language of life, lead- black, lighten and brighten, Osama Bin Laden is a puppet, Peacock Angel, Principia Discordia, red tape to keep the truth confined, the blood of the lamb, the chromatic scale, the clone lineage, the future of United States of America, the meaning of life, the portal of the hidden one, the reapers of the field, the story about the goat and the Lamb, the United States of America, they eat the hair of the dog

84( eighty four = 6 = -10 = 32 = -32 = -3 = 43 = 0 )
and all the children sing to the worm, Chandrasekhara, disaffiliated with nothing, feeble-minded, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, held accountable, I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring (AL II:26), image within an image, I will reward you here and hereafter (AL II:52), Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! this is the Law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house. (AL III:9), The Bahai Faith, the blue screen of death, the poison is as the daughter of its flame, Then shall this Knowledge go aright. (AL II:5), without the darkness there can be no light

93   ( ninety three = 11 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
a deep abiding love, Aleister Crowley gave his HGA mighty bong hits, all life is magical, Archangel Sandalphon, behind/ahead, cannabis indica, coincidence and synchronicity, Come forth, o children, under the stars & take your fill of love! (AL I:12), Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand. (AL III:71), hexachordal combinatoriality, hridaya agni shabd, infernal noise brigade, it is better to be a Working Sex Magickian, knowing the law of the fortress and the great mystery of the house of God (AL I:57), Not dead which eternal lie, O Scribe and Prophet, thou be of the Princes (AL I:53), Practical Qabala, to be punished for doing something bad or wrong, The facts escape their notice, The messenger announcing the way to peace, There are four gates to one palace (AL I:51), theriomorphically heightened consciousness

102   ( one hundred two = 16 = 2 = -16 = 31 = -8 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0)
Abracadabra, half diminished seventh chord, I Hadit am the complement of Nu my bride (AL II:2), knock and it shall be opened, let the fine be tried in intellect (AL I:50), Magickal Alphabet, the Alpha and the Omega, The Archangel of Heaven, the word Abrahadabra, Walking over to the corner of my mind I found nothing there either, we have come to raise the dead

111   ( one hundred eleven = 53 = 18 = 39 = -2 = 13)
English Qabalistic Magick, sons and daughters of hermes and aphrodite, the lady maat with her feather and her sword, The Magickal Alphabet, the principle of personal power and leadership, Unveiling before the children of men (AL I:5)

120   ( one hundred twenty = 9 = 14 = 8 = 21 = -15 = 62 = -43 = 29 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
her mouth possessed life and her heart was filled, the floor of that palace is of silver and gold (AL I:51)

129( one hundred twenty nine = 23 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
as a golden dawn did he appear, But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear. (AL I:47), Magickal English Qabala, Take a dose of this and that will be all you need

138   ( one hundred thirty eight = 37 = -11 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all! (AL I:23), hidden power held in a balance, numbers are a continuum of divine graduated frequencies

147( one hundred forty seven = 23 = -9 = 43 = 0)
Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. (AL II:32), and darkness shall fall all across the land, the principle of collaboration teamwork partnership and co-operation, to experience a better more authentic more fulfilling life

156   ( one hundred fifty six = 26 = -33 = 27 = -18 = 68 = -6 )
Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

165( one hundred sixty five = 19 = 26 = -33 = 27 = -18 = 68 = -6 )
In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman

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