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Lexic Items homologous to the Numerical Egregore of Zero = 70

  0   ( zero = -8 = 50 = 4 = -4 = 25 = -9 = 43 = 0 )
absolute truth, agonizing sorrow, alloys, amount, Antu (A Sumerian goddess of creation, the feminine counterpart and consort of the sky-god Anu. She was later replaced by the goddess Ishtar), anxiety, approves, armors, assays, astray, Asvins (In Hindu myth, the twin sons of Saranyu and Surya, and known as the "Divine Physicians". They represent the morning and evening stars), Atreus (Atreus and his twin brother Thyestes were exiled by their father for murdering their half-brother Chrysippus in their desire for the throne of Olympia. They took refuge in Mycenae, where they ascended to the throne in the absence of King Eurystheus, who was fighting the Heracleidae. Eurystheus had meant for their stewardship to be temporary, but it became permanent after his death in battle), Atu (The conventional 78-card Tarot deck is structured into two distinct parts: the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (also called the Trumps or the Atu) and the Minor Arcana, which are composed of four suits often a variation of cups, swords, wands, and disks. Each suit has ten numbered cards and four "court" cards usually a variation on kings, queens, princes, and princesses), aunt, avower, Azoth (The astral light. aka Akasha in sanskrit. First: A, Aleph, Alpha & Last Letters: Z, Omega, Tau), bestow, bony, boy, brassy, Brooklyn (city in New York; one of the five boroughs), buns, bus, busboy, buttercup, buzzed, can you see your mistakes now?, chorus, Chronus (latinized form of the greek Kronos), cluster, colour, conqueror, constricts, convey, copyrights, cosmogony, cosmos, Cronos (more commonly spelled "Cronus" or "Kronos", was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans in Greek mythology. His symbol was a sickle. Cronus is often confused with Chronos, the personification of time), crosses, crystal, cult, cutthroat, disown, divinity, down, drum, eighty-six (86), exhaust, expose, feisty, fifty-four (54), first love, flow, flowers, folly, foot, forlorn, forty-five (45), forty-nine (49), forty-three (43), fountain of youth, foursome, frozen, fusion, Gnostic soul, grocery store, grounds, Gu (Sumerian word for Aquarius), guesthouse, gun, Henry, hits, Hoor (Hoor-Paar-Kraat; Harpocrates; Horus), horses, hum, hurtle, HVCW (Hot-Vessel Cadaver Wannabe), Hymn To Pan, I speak with you, important, impotent, improve, interzone, invent, invites, iron, is, Isis (original Egyptian pronunciation more likely "Aset" or "Iset" she is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt. She was first worshiped in Ancient Egyptian religion, and later her worship spread throughout the Roman empire and the greater Greco-Roman world. Isis is still widely worshiped by many pagans today in diverse religious contexts; including a number of distinct pagan religions, the modern Goddess movement, and interfaith organizations such as the Fellowship of Isis. Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers. Isis is often depicted as the mother of Horus, the falcon-headed deity associated with king and kingship (although in some traditions Horus's mother was Hathor). Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children. The name Isis means "Throne". Her headdress is a throne. As the personification of the throne, she was an important representation of the pharaoh's power. The pharaoh was depicted as her child, who sat on the throne she provided), Jesus loves you, but Satan loves me more, Jesus will forsake you, jewelry, Jimmy, junk, lawyer, Lazarus (Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days, is the subject of a prominent miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death. The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions offer varying accounts of the later events of his life), lesson, lest, lips, Luna Wilson, lustral wine, Luther, Magnum Opus (Great Work), many loves, marvelous, misfortune, mission, mixes, molest, monopolize, month, morph, moth, mothers, motive, mountains, Muluc (Mayan Dreamspell Glyph for Red Moon, Universal Water, to Purify), murders, my army is whored, my body, N (the 14th letter of the Roman alphabet; concentration expressed in gram equivalents of solute per liter (normality); a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 m/sec/sec to a mass of 1 kilogram; equal to 100,000 dynes (newton); the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees (north, due north); a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living tissues; nitrogen), new, non-working, northern, nth, nuptials, olive press, Om (or Aum is a mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin (geographically India and Nepal), sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is placed at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred incantation to be intoned at the beginning and end of a reading of the Vedas or prior to any prayer or mantra. It is used at the end of the invocation to the god being sacrificed to (anuvakya) as an invitation to and for the latter to partake of), oven, past, patriotism, pay, personality, peruse, Pittsburgh (city in Pennsylvania), poet, pogrom, polluting, polygrams, portrayal, powers of the fosters, prisoners of war, profess, profit, Prometheus (In Greek means "forethought" he is best known as the benefactor who brought fire to mankind. Prometheus sided with Zeus and the ascending Olympian gods in the vast cosmological struggle against Cronus (Kronos) and the other Titans. Prometheus was therefore on the conquering side of the cataclysmic war of the Greek gods, the Titanomachy, where Zeus and the Olympian gods ultimately defeated Cronus and the other Titans), proof, proof of spirit, prophet, pure moods, put away your foolish pride, quickly, raw, restrict, rotates, rotation, rule, rulership, save yourself, savouring, scum, sermon, sewer, she moves in spiritual ways, shit, Simon (The Simon Necronomicon is a purported grimoire written by an unknown author, with an introduction by a man identified only as "Simon". Materials presented in the book are a blend of ancient Middle Eastern mythological elements, with allusions to the writings of H. P. Lovecraft and Aleister Crowley, woven together with a story about a man known as the "Mad Arab" itself derived from several stories by Lovecraft) , simultaneity), sin, sirens, sith, six hundred and sixty six (666), smallpox, son of Mary, soprano, sparks, Star Trek, starting over, sterope, storm watch, stringent, submission, submit, subservient, Sun and Venus, Sunday, supine (lying face upward; failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence), surfeit (an excessive amount of something; cause (someone) to desire no more of something as a result of having consumed or done it to excess), Sutekh (Egyptian god of storms, chaos, etc. aka Set), swine, Synchronicity (meaningful coincidence), TS Elliot (an essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic, and one of the twentieth century's major poets), Taoist (one who is a practitioner of the philosophical, ethical, political and religious tradition of Taoism), tastes, Tattva (Sanskrit word meaning 'thatness', 'principle', 'reality' or 'truth'. According to various Indian schools of philosophy, a tattva (or tattwa) is an element or aspect of reality conceived as an aspect of deity. Although the number of tattvas varies depending on the philosophical school, together they are thought to form the basis of all our experience. Air is a blue circle. Earth is a yellow square. Fire is a red triangle. Water is a crescent shape. Spirit is a black oval shape), Tau (the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet), Teiwaz (17th Rune of Victory, the god Tyr, and sacrifice), ten rays of the sun, th, the lovely star, the strong, they will despise you, thigmotropism (a movement in which a plant moves or grows in response to touch or contact stimuli. The prefix thigmo- comes from the Greek for "touch". Usually thigmotropism occurs when plants grow around a surface, such as a wall, pot, or trellis. Climbing plants, such as vines, develop tendrils that coil around supporting objects), this, this is my body, thoughtless, thrills, through the thorns, thunderstruck, time is up, too big for you, topple, torrid, tranquil, transgress, transsexual, treasures, triple four, triumphant, true reality, turn not your face away, UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), un-whole, uncover, unfit, unlord, uplift, useful, using, vicious, visual, vogue, war, war on drugs (an American term commonly applied to a campaign of prohibition of drugs, military aid, and military intervention, with the stated aim being to define and reduce the illegal drug trade. This initiative includes a set of drug policies that are intended to discourage the production, distribution, and consumption of what participating governments and the UN define as illegal psychoactive drugs. The term was popularized by the media shortly after a press conference given on June 18, 1971, by United States President Richard Nixon the day after publication of a special message from President Nixon to the Congress on Drug Abuse Prevention and Control during which he declared drug abuse "public enemy number one". That message to the Congress included text about devoting more federal resources to the "prevention of new addicts, and the rehabilitation of those who are addicted", but that part did not received the same public attention as the term "war on drugs". The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that the United States spends $51 billion annually on the War on Drugs), warn, washroom, waves, we, we will, whip, whirl, whisper, white mystic, whom are you serving?, whose, will, wines, wise, witch hunt, wolf, women, wrath, X-Men (Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the characters first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). The X-Men are mutants, a subspecies of humans who are born with superhuman abilities. The X-Men fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants in a world where antimutant bigotry is fierce and widespread. They are led by Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, a powerful mutant telepath who can control and read minds. Their archenemy is Magneto, a powerful mutant with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Professor X and Magneto have opposing views and philosophies regarding the relationship between mutants and humans. While Professor X works towards peace and understanding between mutants and humans, Magneto views humans as a threat and believes in taking an aggressive approach against them), Yahweh no way, Yetzirah (also known as Olam Yetsirah in Hebrew is the third of four worlds in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, following Atziluth and Briah or Beriah. It is known as the "World of Formation". "Yetsirah" as in "making" is as opposed to "Beriah" as in "creating": actually taking whatever matter that was created in the "Beriah" and shaping it into the basic elements. On the Tree of Life diagram Yetzirah is associated with the Sephiroth Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. Together, the six Sephiroth are known as the Microprosopus (Zeir Anpin) also known as the 'Lesser Countenance' or the 'Small Face.' In this sense, it stands in contrast with the Macroprosopus (Arich Anpin). Non-permanent angels dwell in the world of Yetzirah, unlike archangels which reside in Beriah. In addition, Yetzirah corresponds to: the letter vav in the Tetragrammaton, the element of Air, and the soul-level of ruach), yippie yeomanry, Zao (a metalcore band from Pennsylvania)


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