decipher meaning that have not language and you look what words made me do
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


pipe dream conspiracy horseshit

i speak, but don't know how
your voice carries weight my speech is over now your life?
still unchanged value things i would not tell same things you won't believe
my nightmares come to life and you say they're just a dream
i look for ends to start you found a whole new way i search in the dark
you've seen the light of day value things i could not sell
same things you can't retrieve my eyes refuse to close,
but your sight is far too keen

i walk and i conform you knock and come right in
my doors are open wide your freedom is a sin
value things I do not show same things you throw away
my hopes been put to rest while your faith is out to play
i face myself in doubt your face just brings me pain
my love is all for you, but your hate is not the same
value things i cannot be same things you always were
my war is still within and your past is just a blur

innocence always overcomes

== 911 ==

decipher meaning that have not language
and you look what words made me do
one eleventh the september eschaton
two thousand and hazardous distance
research criminal agenda enumerations
needless halos suffering numberless verbal chicken scratch
words bang dispensing web hash slave consequence
false of being value worldwide anticipating you're not ready

== 911 ==

we will
babalon message working scarlet moonchild
patterns emerge
woman cameras free
are who's the instant phoenix dervish
in rattle flames sumerian gun pyramids
fifth axle bagged satanic aeon exodus
tetrahydrocannabinol occulture tribes
ghatanothoa thinks we're not what you beacon
when i know i and i and i lives 'n' reigns 'n' rules
over another everything,
but buried dead rock cookie star
breathin a monster convicted as juvenile

== 911 ==

kick-back perfect vessel in-training
hungry for a peach ceremonial magick
red eye flight alex it is a lie, this folly against self
millions in cash effortless multimillion dollar income
whatever i do the high cost of playing god
money in the bank federal reserve notes
c.l.a.w.s. money out the ass
burning hundred dollar bills to light blunts
scale immortal alchemical writer magickian

== 911 [GoN]




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