When a dead man walked freely amongst men of sleep
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


Remember that party
Of old hollows eve?
The one that left scars
The kind that donít bleed

It was a day like none other
And a night that will creep
When a dead man walked freely
Amongst men of sleep

The act was no drama.
Not the stage cry it seemed
That spirit has consumed all as un-hole as thee

That haunting still lingers
In stasis beyond
It's power has grown
From the time we've been gone

== 783 ==

Our thought is still a child As life span is a crawl
Take a step and then we fall

A maskling molded by what we see
Co-dependent bribery
Helpless under need of aid Let go of mother come of age

Many a second cord must be cut
Extracted from safety the sequel
Dis-attachment enables people To become their own personal keeper

== 783 [GoN]




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