Experience and wisdom are products of circumstance
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


Remember that party
Of old hollows eve?
The one that left scars
The kind that donít bleed

It was a day like none other
And a night that will creep
When a dead man walked freely
Among men of sleep

The act was no drama.
Not the stage cry it seemed
That spirit consumed all as sado-un-holy as thee

That haunting still lingers
In stasis beyond
Its power has grown
From the time we've been gone

== 777 ==

A timeless riddle
Written by a madman
Of puzzles and games
And numbers and names
And music and fate
And life and it's stakes

And we look and we pray and we hope it goes away
He will laugh and laugh and say...

Immanetize the Eschaton, today.

Though, no thing can be known.
Experience and wisdom are products of circumstance.

== 777 ==

lingual type original deconstruct the literal speaking dead tongues can't comprehend the lyrical poly-rhythmic counter-measure movements metaphysical spitting rap siddhis self-absorbed heads is lacking visuals sitting in the nosebleeds, high upper mezzanine think you in the front row damn you got another thing check the fifth column newscorp keep the casualties freedom of press it's associative fallacy

== 777 ==

information black out it's citizen vs. citizen spray it in your face like some weaponized hallucinogen Washington D.C. Masonic conspiracy trace the pentagram on the Capitol streets, sad state of affairs catholics in the Vatican's porcelain palaces gold lines the walls and blood fills the chalices Pope's possessed Mammon's escalating purgatory, enochian control nephilim wrote the story

== 777 ==

regulate the fourth estate enterprise indoctrinate corporations legislate spindocs paid to propagate no mandate to separate bullshit rumors circulate the photographic resume commodified the frontpage forging fingerprints to fit perpetrate the paper chase helpless spectators in this winners-only game killing curiosity cats getting framed landing on your feet don't never hesitate there is no difference

== 777 ==

superstition contradiction false religion soul is missing limbic system intuition spitting writtens free from fiction the kid down for life with the zee enseider zee veterans of the eschaton siblings of the octarine under stress we confess to dis-ease we detest yet no less of a mess undressed, I digress because no matter where peeps creep there'll always be beef to repeat between sleep

Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life
into the golden cup of her fornication

== 777 [GoN]




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