Living shells of shaded decay
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


Sleepless... Deprived
Burning the day
Submerged beyond focus
Subconscious ballet Entangling dreams
Realities stage
Living shells of shaded decay

Indigenous cold
Dark wintered soul
Three stars fallen
Three starred in gold

Intoxicant moonlight now, sharing her love
Treasures of earth's bound from pleasures above

== 666 ==

Can You See Your Mistakes Now?

Oh, my sweet, your darker stride leaves too many stains.
You have no more than simple mojo pumping through those veins.
Are you in control? Or do they rule your waking world?
Fantasy time has come to a drastic end, little girl.

We wish to work with your spirit while your roots remain out to get you
Know your mysterious enemy, hurry up, illusory sorrows surmount, corrupt all the way through
Your own vanity will negate an outermost vortex window of opportunity
How many ways must you be told, puny known prostitute of poverty?

You say you speak directly to the dead,
Yet you haven’t the ability to interpret what they’ve said.
My own beloved deceased have asked you to speak right to my face.
Expose yourself to more than this ever-dimming safe place.

You were expecting me weren’t you? Mystery represents the enemy of truth
My house is your prison, we must shake you to wake you
Confusing symbols sixty four fearful words, overturn your super powers unto me
Whom are you serving? This blue poet prophet? Your filth lingers unworthy

We shall stir you or still you as truth tortures a yellow fool
More visions of sorrow suppress lust of result without an unnecessary tool
Does your life seem like a horror story? It remains how you look at it that counts
You wouldn’t wake up, sister, you will profess the key “sorry” when time runs out

I know that you’ve been afraid of the big bad void.
Your arts remain little more than an “I’m rubber you’re glue” toy.
Emptiness fills what forgery you deny inside your own mind.
I don’t need confirmation, I’ve been given the clearest sign.

Your fears stand justified from abuse of every kind.
But don’t you loosen those demons upon me and mine at any time.
I will clean up after the mess that you left.
I must say, what you did amounts to petty theft.

Stealing fire from the hearts of a flaming child,
Will leave you face down in heart of the fucking wild.
You refuse to face what your Self knows true.
What awaits, how it wants, and as you know..

..they have a place for you.

== 666 ==

Remedy for all Self-oppression

Re-approach your fear. Take a flame to it. Burn off the high with innocence. Too troubled our minds to waste away anxious. Thankless for nothingness.

Remember, remember the man who bled not the things he had dreamt of the things he forgot Holes in his hands as well as his feet dripping divine blood to poison the sheep

== 666 ==

You Need A Gun Not A Pendulum

Don't twinkle your nose or grant wishes from the lamp Before long you'll see magick for sale at the news-stand

Don't play those child's tricks or look to slay the vampyr Before long you'll see culture enslaved to the phone seer

Don't be afraid of the demons in your soul Or the witch in the woods casting twigs to atoll

..bullshit hate, bullshit hate.. bogus book burners benefice

It's imperative you break away from happenstance Not all of us are cut out for what life intends

Sire your own slaves

== 666 ==

Our handicapped minds are bladed blind to the spectrums of existence without lies Formalized and normalized a piracy of fictitious rhetoric. Apocryphal lies hidden from public eyes Texts horded away in the vaults. If Hitler had his way, we'd all thrive at fault.

This needle lost in the haystack found with a grain of salt

== 666 ==

post-adolescent psycho-banter

"what’s what and that’s that"

rambling blind man
beyond deaf ears
smoking guns presence
suddenly appears
tampering with evidence
faint images unclear
indicted by consequence
and the guilt we all fear

does not favor
our stale sights
or trivial plights

== 666 ==

Madness elevates. Surreal time disturbs these lesser thought forms vent steam like the sewer street filled human zoo smoke stack from the earth. Chthonic metallic snakes overflowing with unknowing victims. Unconditional negligence. Ignore the tide as it washes you away. Run. How tolerant are you to the pain? Can you fake it away? Through time let it heal. Bury it deep down, let it resurface as hypocrisy panic.

Fully destined to run ourselves into the ground

Existence is S.N.A.F.U. -- Don't end up F.U.B.A.R.

== 666 ==

Yes, this is a fools master plan. They selling hope in the streets. Pushing faith like it's speed. Inject the sickness mainline to the peeps catchin heat. Under stress we confess to disease we detest. And, yet, no less of a mess undressed, I digress. But why we play ourselves out so deep in unrest? There's a wound somewhere, but we ain't seen it bleed. We're congested with the world and that shit wont even leak. Our guilt is what's eating us alive as we weep.

How in the motherfucking no win world do we sleep?

== 666 [GoN]




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