No idle mouths pried open wide
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


One to Task

All the thoughts within your mind
Turn to fear and turned you inside
You can run but you know you cant hide
All the feelings in your heart
Turned to hate and torn you apart
You know you faked it all from the start
All the pieces of your soul
Torn them away and made me whole
You’ll beg to die when pain takes its toll

== 313 ==

You escaped the lions den
by growing a mane & tail
You deserve your just respects
I guess I deserve to fail
No god has graced me yet
And I prayit never will
Save someone elses soul
Mine rots in the landfill

== 313 ==

No idle mouths pried open wide
Tounge tied in knots inside
Fleet lips tell speechless lies
Faces show what words deny
Stank breath from shit stained lines
Offered one too many times

== 313 [GoN]




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