synchronicity six-hundred-and-sixty-six
          ( Please refer to the Gematria of Nothing cipher for explanatory implications )


the lovely star
important I speak with you
my body is Sun and yours Venus
my army is whored
prisoners of war
quickly put away your foolish pride
save yourself
the frozen strong they will despise you
she moves in spiritual ways
proof of spirit
Jesus, son of Mary, will forsake you
polluting portrayal
sewer scum sermon
supine swine
Jesus loves you, but Satan loves me more
turn not your face away
we will uncover true reality
uplift visual waves too big for you
this is my body
whom are you serving?
stringent submission
thoughtless thrills through the thorns
thunder storm watch struck
ten rays of the sun
tranquil first love time is up
disown mother's fountain of youth
magnum opus mission mixes misfortune
with marvelous raw transgression
junk lawyer treasures restrict fusion
expose iron motive feisty sparks lips
personality murders
fosters the power of triumphant divinity
tastes pay summer lustral wine
whisper cherish white mystic

== 0 ==

new women quickly convey sparks

sin flowers

this prometheus poet boy conqueror prophet
whose wrath is wise

non-working proof misfortune will cluster
transgress, topple down
hurtle crystal folly flow
exhaust impotent foot wines
brooklyn, pittsburgh

northern soprano pogrom gun war nuptials

unfit. eighty-six.

isis we submit

synchronicity six-hundred-and-sixty-six

== 0 ==

aldous huxley is jim morrison is bugs bunny is grant morrison
is ra wilson is nyarlathotep is ares is artemis is eros is jupiter
is orion is azathoth is icarus is isa is tom sawyer is apollo is thoth

yig serpent venom spring
i don't know muses of the century you stupid motherfucker spells confused?

you know when you're ripe this illusion i am not physics
qlippoth relativity westward moon mary curses virgo autumn equinox hypnotism

i dont want to see tomorrow

it is our will
new york nexus psychometry revolutionizer

satyr sixty-nine south
sphinx mysteries apotheosis compersion
reptile pisces shoggoth

== 0 [GoN]




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