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background calculations courtesy of: Old Man Worden's Ghost

In this section you'll find some sort of tea leaf interpretations of text haphazardly
arranged as an amalgamation of seperate sources jumbled together for the everloving fuck of it.

Within the disarray of chaos do we find a glimpse of actuality.
Where the concrete solidity of sensical surrender to seriousity is brutally mauled and skinned alive
by surrendipitous shitbaggery and the scandalously spun satire of secrecy amidst surrealistic solipsism.

Involuntary Glossolexia, Phuzzy Logick, Manual Word Mangling, Scissorological Divination, Liminal Dictation, Speculation of Randomosity

control anticipates probability while confusion precipitates clarity

crawling through narrow sewage pipelines naked in the rain