thee ZEN WALKER SEIDER KIN ATU     Basic Esoteric (Layout)

  0. The Mark   A   ( Uranus/Air )   Dionysus   Archetype: Trickster/Puer

The Mark compels the querent to commence onward in a brave new direction. When they remain unsophisticated to the mysterious ways of the world it seems fraught with danger at every turn, yet their carefree attitude in this Atu will tend to save them from more of the perils of reality than they realize. As well as representing the outset on which the querent begins their journey, the Mark may also tell one that they have arrived at an intersection in their lives where they have to decide upon which road to travel (exemplified by the many Atu persona available to them). Although, due to hir naivety the Mark will often get mistaken for a target in today's microcosm of players and pawns. The Mark will assuredly get recognized as a victim by the predatory aspects of our society being preyed upon at every opportunity though s/he has a brand of puissant innocence not found all too commonly amongst the general populace.

On a divinatory platform, The Mark embodies a fresh episode of one's existence when s/he pops up in a card layout. A gamble of some sort is prescribed, a readiness to stretch out one's feelings by surreptitious means. The Mark seems enigmatic and thus the querent will not find it a simple task to differentiate between the Mark's intimate relationship with the Divine and hir plain old foolhardiness. S/he embodies neither male nor female exclusively, but more androgynous in function like that of a freshly fertilized ovum. From out of this dualistic mindset in the thick of uncertainty, enthusiasm, and panic, initializes the grand non-linear path of life instigated by the 23 keys of Zen Walker Seider Kin Atu

Keywords: Latent genius, discoveries, inventions, and radical politics as well as individuality, new and unconventional ideas, and sudden and unexpected changes. Chaos, freedom, irrational, liberating force, joie de vivre. Naivety, unguarded trust, folly, eccentricity.

  I. The Hustler   B   ( Mercury )   Hermes   Archetype: Trickster/Persona

The feat of establishing something lasting and fruitful exists at the forefront of the Hustler's repertoire, who may represent an individual whom has recently advanced on in a particular discipline, achieved a certain degree (either in a collegiate atmosphere or within the confines of a fraternal order), or possibly cultivated specific skills in a given area of expertise. His artistry, subtlety, and savoir faire lend themselves to prospective endeavors, which may or may not have occult significance, although, he sees himself as somewhat of a paradigmal mercenary or entrepreneurial magician in the field of business. He remains possessed of the ability to accumulate considerable fortune via his own designs.

The Hustler continues as a Machiavellian character and should therefore receive treatment of the utmost prudence as he tends to take advantage of unsuspecting denizens wholly unaware of what he stands capable. With a silver tongue and an artful demeanor the Hustler has a reputation for vulpine movements against which there seems little defense. His ability to toy with all of the elemental weapons proves his proficiency in the less than gentle craft of manipulating the world of appearances and contriving the 'shape' of fundamental particles. Whereas the Mark illustrates a trickster, a huckster, the Hustler exemplifies a great deceiver or illusionist.

Keywords: Volition, activity, elasticity, wisdom of adeptness, cunning, possibly esoteric intelligence or capability, silence, magic, unconscious will, concentration, tomboy, financial transactions. Learning or intellect impeding the main affair.

  II. The Oracle   G   ( Luna )   Persephone   Archetype: Anima

The Oracle lies at the heart of intuition and often implies that the querent may encounter their hidden, inner world for answers. The querent may already find themselves drawn to the realms of dream and metaphysics or rather they may get the inkling that something greater (something of a more ontological nature) exists at struggle in their lives. Before meeting hir more aptly perceived mortal parental figures found in Atu III and IV, the Mark first runs into the Hustler and the Oracle who embody the mother and father of his greater reality tunnel, whom, in combination, present hir with a picture of the archetypal constructs that make up the collective unconscious aspect of hir mental complex.

The Oracle will reveal the Mark's arrangement of fate insofar as the Oracle knows what awaits hir on the path along the keys. The querent will find the Oracle as a magic eight-ball with which to consult as she possesses the Akashic records of all knowledge. According to theosophists, who borrowed the word akasha, which means aether, from the Sanskrit language, the akashic records contain all human thought, emotion, and deed on the astral plane. So detailed do the records appear, that it remains comparable to the human DNA structure, or rather the mapped genome, in that, they have embedded within them the whole of species phylogeny encompassing all human information. In such a fashion, we may find it safe to assume that the Oracle resembles the original memetic matrix, composed of living cultural units of imitative transmission.

Keywords: Secrecy, hidden wisdom, psychic ability. Unadulterated, sublime and compassionate influence enters into the affair, bringing variation, transposition, and deviation. Excitement should get moderated and cautious harmony cultivated.

  III. Moms (or Wifey)     ( Venus )   Demeter   Archetype: Anima/Mother

A more folksy current of existence becomes suggested by the presence of Moms in any tarot spread. A civil union or the nativity of an unborn offspring may also come into play when this Atu rears its head, although her occupancy in a layout may also refer to the birth of a visionary brood in the form of a magickal child or creative progeny, as these types of heirs also require the same composure and devotion which only the great Moms can provide. Within this key the querent resides in a domain of the physique and the instincts, as a locale of both accord and sluggishness, life-offering and life-smothering. Therefore the Mark, the divine child of the firmament of the heavens, realizes that s/he resides in a material body and exists, not as a creature of the soul, but also of terra firma. Moms does, however, have associations with matriarchal conventions, so will at the very least make an attempt to steer her weight around those whom she recognizes as part of her tribe.

She represents the spirit of youth with its ecstatic vivacity, its failure to acknowledge the repercussion of its deeds, and its confidence in doing for the sake of doing. Moms evokes the fantasies of adolescence and compels the querent to envisage from them, a longing for the infinite that may well have been lost along the way. In her magnificence, Moms also embodies a woman of capability, compassionate but worthy of magisterial inclinations. She loves to design and to run the show. Seen under a more adverse light, Moms can also symbolize a prospect to perform that fell flat or, in contrast, a capricious, careless maneuver.

Keywords: Fertility, expansion, and abundance, an excellent time to begin new projects with a high potential for success, happiness, harmony, sexual fulfillment. Dissipation, promiscuity, idleness, sensuality, sterility.

  IV. Pops     ( Aries )   Zeus   Archetype: Father

Whenever Pops shows up in one's spread, one will appear well on their way to collecting the prosperity they seek. Pops will sometimes take on the shape of a person who has the capacity to make a success or a failure out of a given field of employment. The querent also gets demanded to make some headway in the field of concreting reality, to better establish a prolific concept in the creative arena, to assemble substantial means in the here and now, to feasibly initiate a venture in the macrocosm, or to found the framework of a household and parentage. The querent gets asked to seize a point of view, to grow competent and compelling, to define their own interpretations and integrity. The querent also gets asked to examine where the gifted, youthful regent has developed into the stiff, dictatorial oppressor, and where their outlook inhibits their existence and advancement. When the Mark meets Pops after hir journey into the intuitive realms, s/he discerns how to brave mundane affairs with hir own wherewithall, at one with an ethos s/he must conjure for hirself. Then s/he can advance on hir path with the knowledge that s/he has a capable mindset concerning hir existence as something 'higher' prevails in which s/he has faith and whose dominion s/he now epitomizes.

Queries regarding money or socio-economic security also come into play with the Pops Atu as he represents the tilting of the hand of fate in one's favor monetarily. This card refers to the probability of one growing adept at handling one's own asset-driven life, of making an effort to secure one's own liabilities. When he crops up in a spread geared toward ontological inquiries, Pops can indicate the paternal image of a God illustrated as a bearded monad or all-Father, but also with the kinship preserved by the "square" logical mind with proportions that lie beyond it.

Keywords: Stability and mastery of the material world, responsibility, rationalism, support, government, economic equilibrium, uprightness, exercise of the law, masculinity. Questions concerning sexual potency, patriarchy, power abuse, tyranny, dictator, rooted in matter.

  V. The Preacher     ( Taurus )   Chiron   Archetype: Animus/Father

When he emerges in a reading, the Preacher suggests that the querent may undertake an active role in seeking out solutions on a more transcendent field such as philosophy or metaphysics. This might present itself as research of a specific area of expertise (such as Existentialism or Aesthetics or Yoga or Psychonautics or Logic and Ethics) or as the exercise of a given paradigm or belief structure (such as Asatru or Taoism or Shamanism) or even as a profound pursuit for substance in our time on this plane of existence. The Preacher may present himself as a clinician, therapist, holy man, or guru in the real world whom we confide in for a sense of well-being and assistance. The Mark therefore arises from one paternal Pops figure whom addresses hir material concerns to yet another, much more holy Father whom supplicates hir aspirations towards that something greater sought after in Atu II which the Mark struggles with. When s/he encounters the Preacher s/he engages that aspect of hirself which can now initiate and expound upon an intimate ideology, an original perception of the character, which leads hir as s/he abandons hir adolescence trailing and takes a chance on a lifestyle of hir own making.

The Preacher could epitomize an adept, an educator, or a counselor, but also an idyllic consanguineous personality, a wedded male, a glorified soul. He also exemplifies the operation of transmission and reception, symbiosis, a merger, and all the channels used through language. As a pontiff in his own right, the Preacher conjures an attended language that realizes where it aims. After the accretion of the Oracle strengthening for conception, the haphazard erupting onward of Moms, and the security of Pops, The Preacher brings a standard. While continuing on as an integral piece of the physical universe, he directs the way toward an archetypal element with certitude.

Keywords: Assistance from elders, stubborn strength, toil, divine wisdom, goodness of heart, communication, marriage, union of heaven and earth, emergence of a new ideal. Hypocrite, religious dogma, questioning faith, insincere spiritual teacher.

  VI. The Pair     ( Gemini )   Paris & Helen   Archetype: Conjunctio

When the Pair materialize in a spread it usually forecasts the need to make a choice of some importance, sometimes in romance. The Mark, having cultivated knowledge of hir own duplicity, must now invest hir purpose in worthwhile conquests. Once in awhile this card implies a menage a trois, but it more aptly applies to the quick decision of an abrupt civil union, or having to choose between romance and steady employment or some artistic endeavor. This Atu urges that one examine closely the ramifications of one's decisions, instead of acting hastily consumed, which initiates a grand inferno of consequences. At any rate, the Pair remain indicative of a forthcoming encounter with someone or something you truly enjoy. However, any spiritual bond with a person does not arrive without difficulty attached, and much of the uncertain groundwork will buckle from stress.

This obscure card cues us to inquire as to our own sentimental consciousness: how does our own emotive existence proceed? Do we revel in solace or do we encounter friction? Do we engage in our passions? What spot does passion possess in our existence? Does the condition that remains our primary consideration have descent in our former life, and if so, what do they represent? This Atu can infer as to inquiries regarding the locale we've been positioned within the confines of our familial pact, and to labor spotting the portrayal we apprehend upon those now surrounding us. The Pair will embody one of the forms laid upon the card, picked out by the querent, whose affinity he or she can evaluate. Whatever the query, it remains an indispensable aid to recall that the key of the Pair epitomizes an enormous radiant star, which shines its luminous rays upon all organic life sans favoritism.

Keywords: Doing what you love, social life, emotional domain, new union, first steps in learning the joy of living, friendships, beauty, innocence, attraction. Emotional conflict, separation, dispute, incestuousness, self-contradiction, instability, indecision, superficiality, infatuation.

  VII. The Whip     ( Cancer )   Ares   Archetype: Animus/Hero

The Atu of the Whip occurring in a spread forecasts friction and antagonism which can resolve itself in a more capable sense of identity. The querent may go toe-to-toe with not only hostility in others, but with their own ambitious and combative initiatives. Avoidance does not solve the problem of this friction as it needs to get confronted head on with determination and discipline. Here the Mark arrives at balance through learning to manage hir own inconsistencies, and moves from the plane of childhood to a further epoch in hir development. Also, when the Whip occurs in a layout it often signals the message not to give up, that all one's invested hard work will soon pay off. And, being the esoteric Merkabah (or astral vehicle) of Jewish mysticism, the Whip also relates to transit, typically in the form of modern vehicles such as automobiles, subways, and railways. The Whip also acts as the vessel for the carriage of the Holy Grail or the cup that holds the blood of the Christ martyr, the radiant, sanguine, etheric, ichorous substance that has the ability the purify the spirit of the aspirant before he or she takes the rite of initiation into the greater body of a fraternal order.

The Whip frequently seems as though a champion carrying out dynamic activities, or a paramour with a vigorous lust. Sometimes he signifies travel. Some may observe him as an proclamation of advancement in network or cinema, because the traditional likeness comes to us within a stage setting like a puppet in a playhouse. In any event, this Atu heads onward nearing prosperity. The Whip's major defining hurdles remain his active negligence and obstinacy concerning the champion who has no reservations in regards to the legitimacy of his triumph. A macho and vehemently aggressive Atu, it sometimes suggests to a female querent that her family had hoped for a male heir. The Whip may as well indicate queries concerning the means by which one acts out socially in their life and the style with which one is leading that communal existence.

Keywords: Success though sometimes not enduring, victory, triumph, faithfulness, health, media success, to travel, dynamism, warrior. Abrupt departure from traditional ideas, plunderer, dwarf, mind in matter, taking the pros and cons into account.

  VIII. Counselor     ( Libra )   Athena   Archetype: Kore

The appearance of Counselor in almost any layout involves the necessity for equitable thinking and detached choice, but the sword cuts both ways. Some aspects of our existence seem to have a sang-froid which remains overly cold, exceptionally romantic, and unduly toxic for the cordiality of person to person interaction. Counselor can slice to the core with common sense which may seem improper for a specific set of circumstances. Counselor appears as though, like all the figures in the Zen Walker Seider Kin Atu, a contradictory character. The Mark must cultivate what Counselor embodies, but s/he cannot remain for all eternity in the unadulterated sanctuary of Counselor, and must depart to the next assignment.

Counselor will sometimes epitomize a mother or pregnant lady. This key opens the territory for active fabricated analysis: it can refer to a tyrannical, neutering motherly image, and to all detrimental rulings. It also applies to a plea for supreme transcendence which remains so intense that it hastens the querent in his or her actualization, constraining the querent ahead of schedule from creating any faux pas. In a similar fashion, Counselor will sometimes appeal to the State (courts, cops, and other control centers) whose verdicts cannot face contention and who provoke in the querent the penalty of suffering and remorse. In a more positive light, her traits of equilibrium, her pseudo-religiosity (she employs a dual role that represents both physical and metaphysical), and her precise theories when faced with the real world prove themselves as priceless commodities. The moral of Counselor with her blade and her balance seems like one of being able to offer the self precisely what one seems entitled to while relentlessly excusing the self from what the self does not desire. She often offers lessons on how to say yes and and how to say no at the proper time, and to differentiate between instinctive from meditated perceptions. To reach this level of understanding, she realizes how to frame herself in the place of others.

Keywords: Adjustment, suspension of action pending decision; may refer to lawsuits, trials, marriages, contracts, etc.; taking a stand, balance, truth, confronting reality. Conning, forbidding, inflexibility, implacability, prescriptive or castrating mother, deceit.

  IX. The Bum     ( Virgo )   Cronos   Archetype: Wise Old Man

Within the confines of a reading, the Bum lets us know it may have come time to evolve into a more lone creature of entirely new habits and retreat from the exhibitionist enterprises of the material world, in order that we may discover the insights of stillness, moderation, and passivity. A favorable event may await us in which we may find ourselves able to erect a more stable infrastructure, with a firmly laid keystone, if we remain willing to have patience in the process. In spite of all, the Mark subsequently enters maturescence, having adjusted hir mentality and hir emotions, a sedimentary impression of personality, and now an enormous reverence toward hir own disadvantages on the tremendous pathway running along the virtual wormhole existing within our hologramatic reality.

The Bum sometimes embodies a dilemma that should not get bypassed, a sincere alteration that necessitates confrontation and acceptance. The Bum conjures up the image of a tutor, an analyst, or a mentor. However, in a dilemma, there exists an equivalent probability that The Bum will revive himself or perish in his attempt. He, therefore, even embodies decay and diminution. He may appear as a "homeless man" or even a drunkard who hides a pint of whiskey in his lamp. He may epitomize a missing paternal figure, or a man who remains aloof, distant, or has disappeared. He also exemplifies, for the querent, a deeper loneliness, to the secluded and dim place where a metaphysical transubstantiation gets arranged.

Keywords: Solitude, letting go, therapy, shedding light, ascetic, silence, illumination from within, retirement. Crisis, poverty, absent or cold father, going toward the future without knowing where you are heading, alcoholism, addiction.

  X. The Game     ( Jupiter )   The Moirai   Archetype: Persona

In divination, the Game offers an abrupt alteration of prosperity. This may be 'positive' or 'negative', but whichever way the Game plays out it brings advancement and a new stage of existence. The querent cannot anticipate what will arrive to greet them -- or rather, what will shift to advance towards them. But following these alterations rise the Moirai, a representation of the nucleus at their core. Thus the Mark is flung from hir sense of security, and commences the plunge to hir own origin. When the Game pops up in a spread, a person's fate is about to change, for better or for worse.

The Game is an Atu with a vast array of explanations whose divining predicates much upon the situation implied at by the querent of the mantic treatment. It is indicative of the position the querent has presently arrived at in his or her existence. In a given divination it can expand upon a working that has objectively come to a conclusion and thus embodies the closing of a chapter, a fulfillment of a revolution. Due to word Game appearing in this card, it is representative of a certain attitude of playfulness one must exchange with the multiverse, otherwise he or she may be stuck in samsara for a thousand years wandering aimlessly, searching for a clue as to where his or her soul or core Self has drifted off to. The card's name sometimes refers to a centripetal force or systemic affection that is centered upon an orbicular contour: the chaostar, the sephirot, and even the large spherical bingo drawing wheel. The rhythm of entropy and restoration, in the macroscopic sense, can be elucidated within it as well as the isochronism of survival. The Game encourages meditation upon inescapable transposition of climbs and declines, of wealth and poverty, of happiness and slavery. The Game adjusts the querent to variations in their livelihood, whether good or bad, and recognition of the perpetual transmutation of causality.

Keywords: Fortune, destiny, new beginnings, opportunities, to revolve, cycles, impermanence, renewal, eternal return, solution, change, financial gain. Emotional conundrum to resolve, blockage, impasse, need for outside help, halt, wheel of karma -- successive reincarnations.

  XI. Heat     ( Leo )   Heracles   Archetype: Princess

On the level of the mantic arts, the Atu of Heat, when it crops up in a reading, embodies a circumstance where a concussive impact with the feral feline within is inescapable, and where a visionary approach to one's own fury and counter-productive egoism is preferable. Bravery, vigor, and self-command are fundamental to attack the circumstances. Through such an ordeal the querent can come to terms with the lower animal instincts within, but also with that part of themselves which represents Heracles, the champion who can force the beast to submit. Thus the Mark, having refined the proclivities of hir psyche and emotions, now advances along to wrestle with hir own savage narcissism, proceeding from this battle with confidence in hirself and virtuousness towards the Other. When Heat appears in a spread, one needs to cultivate inner fortitude and willpower. Problems that are urging you to balance out your existence will be arriving shortly. One may, at times, feel as though they are being held at gunpoint, but fear not as the clip is empty and no slug remains in the pipe. The querent has inside them the capacity to maintain their composure through any adversity that may obstruct their path. Heat also implies that A.T.W.A. will assist the subject during periods when the querent feels most susceptible to the elements.

Heat invokes the start of an enterprise or phase of existence laid below the glyph of impulse or ingenuity. It can also infer issues of an erotic essence, or the blossoming of a person's latent desires that are now searching for sexual or libidinal gratification. Following sickness or injury or the demise of a sequence of events, Heat embodies the rejuvenation of a form of essential energy that has so many names across cultures: prana, mana, ashe, qi, juju, mojo, orgone, kia, et al. This essential energy, in all its manifestations, makes itself known through the agency of its cardinal elemental weapon, that of a gun, within the element of fire. In urban nomenclature, when one is 'packing heat' they are strapped with a gat, which implies they are full of masculine energy, even though the traditional image of the Strength/Lust card depicts a woman and a lion and it is unknown whether the woman is allowing the lion to assert its dominance or if the woman is taming the beast with her wiles. We have been told that she is Babalon and he is the Beast upon which she rideth, but few understand the implications of this notion. Z(enseider)Z suggest the casual chaote consult the Book of Thoth for subtle inferences on this topic, then we implore you to dig deeper into Thelemic Libers for a full picture.

Keywords: Use of magical power, control of the life force, great love affair, animal nature, depth, voice, puberty, orgasm, nobility of heart, creative potential, instinctive energy. Psychological repression, sexual inhibition, difficulty expressing yourself, anger, wild beast, to stop speaking.

  XII. The Junkie   M   ( Neptune/Water )   Prometheus   Archetype: The Martyr

In divination, the Junkie heralds the necessity for a willing forfeiture for the objective of procuring something of superlative worth. This may take the form of a surrender of an externalized object or affect which has in the past induced a sense of asylum, with the promise that some possibility of growth can be allowed space to flourish. Or it can be the relinquishment of a treasured behavioral pattern, such as highbrowed snobbishness, or holding a grudge, or the obstinate pursuance of some unachievable delusion. Thus the Mark reacts to the confrontation of playing the Game with a readiness to put hir faith in the occult faculties of the involuntary mind, and pauses -- usually with trepidation and nervousness -- in the expectation of a fresh and promising life. The Junkie is indicative of things being in a state of temporary suspension, which may result in substantial annoyance. The Junkie doesn't imply one will not get what they seek, but it does require the querent to have belief in their aims and have patience while their goals manifest.

This Atu is indicative of a point of suspended action that we can shift into our favor for distilling our strategies in more focused design, self-awareness, and esoteric efforts. It may also infer an obstruction or incapacity on the part of the querent to make a decisive execution of their plans. Sometimes this Atu will speak of timing, and especially of not being hasty in our choices, that circumstances or our own perception need to develop a bit further before we make a decision. The Junkie may be looked at as the intimate reflection of Atu XXI, The Hood, which is the situation all residents of the Hood may end up in if they are not weary of the poisons of the streets, and if they do not protect the Seed from the same. Most times, the Junkie has had their day on the Shinning Path and have allowed themselves to degrade to the point that they are entirely stuck in the Hood where their suppliers reside. Therefore, the Junkie's pose mirrors that of the Hood's by showing what life is like at a complete standstill embodying undeniable immobility, whereas the Hood takes its revolutions in expansion and contraction as though it were a vibrational chord being struck by the great formless Enigma of Chaos. The Hood is a dancer while the Junkie is stuck in a sort of fetal position.

Keywords: Redemption through sacrifice, new perspectives, rest, non-doing, ties to the family tree, deep meditation, to not choose, inner forces received through prayer. Punishment, loss, defeat, failure, suffering, delay, immobility, the moment to act has not come.

  XIII. Hitman     ( Scorpio )   Hades   Archetype: Shadow

On the divinatory scope, the Atu of the Hitman embodies something that must come to a grand finale. The fact of this occasion being one of extreme suffering or not depends entirely upon the querent's capability to come to terms with and acknowledge the necessary cycle of terminal closure. The Atu of the Hitman can herald the chance for a fresh strain of existence if only the querent can release themselves from the bonds of the previous strain of being. Thus the Mark enters the lowerworld, exiting hir former incarnation, to ready hirself for an unknowable road ahead. The Hitman portends metamorphosis and transformation. When the Hitman shows up in a manticc layout, circumstances will inevitably change forever and never return to their former state. The Hitman can also appear as though very perplexing because sometimes the circumstance will expire in their natural state and in other instances things will recreate themselves into something unique and gorgeous.

This Atu necessitates an enormous fragility of analysis. Pessimistic prognostications are noxious and futile: it seems unnecessary to implicate decay, catastrophe, or sickness in this arcanum. Some querents get rather mortified from the very sight of this Atu in a layout. What the reader needs to do is uncover, with the querent, what greater transformative agent is at work, what alterations are longed for or are already in motion, and possibly what pitfalls it will help them to avert. It can often call for bereavement to be expedited, also there there may be issues of supreme imputed hostility which may be forcing their way to the surface. On the other hand, Atu XIII often conjures an involuntary belligerence or the necessity to demonstrate a vibration that the diviner doesn't know how to articulate emphatically.

Keywords: Transformation, voluntary or involuntary change (sudden or unexpected), mutation, rapidity, cleansing, death as God's cosmic mask, harvest. Illusory death, release through destruction, to eliminate, mourning, eradication of old ways to make way for the new.

  XIV. Graffiti     ( Sagittarius )   Iris   Archetype: Princess

In divination, when Graffiti is seen in a spread it embodies the necessity for a stream of emotion in intimate affiliations. Iris, the attendant of the rainbow, implies the possibility for balance and collaboration exemplifying a good partnership or successful matrimony. The querent is confronted with the concern of refining to construct a harmonious heart, while also getting gracefully pointed toward the fact that the Mark cannot stay eternally even with the gorgeous Iris, and must level up to the next axiomatic assignment. When Graffiti pops up in a spread, equilibrium and empathy are equidistant factors in the Atu's providence. Often it can be a simple act to get an inordinate amount of one or the other, but what will best ensure a beneficial manifestation is moderation in all aspects.

This Atu sometimes crops up as an omen of health or compromise. It advocates the quest for harmony amid seeming duality. Humans often cohabit with an inner struggle, for example between one's intelligence and the rest of the totality of being or, on the other hand, between the physiology and the persona mask, if one is very mercurial; between on-stage and off-stage for those who are performers; between a very enlightened notion and domineering erotic impulses; and so forth. In all these cases, Graffiti calls for us to walk the road less traveled: the middle path, to make a pact with ourselves, then beginning from this position to interact with the rest of the Bardo Tellus Server. This Atu also beacons out a glaring signal as caution to any and all substance abusers, to all those who realize they're out of balance due to their own decisions in life.

Keywords: Combination of forces, action based on accurate calculations, success after elaborate maneuvers, prudence, even-tempered, reconciliation, healing and health, exchanges, angelic nature . Escape, excessive tendency to moderation, avarice, transmigration of souls.

  XV. The Slavemaster     ( Capricorn )   Pan   Archetype: Shadow

At the mantic level, the Atu of the Slavemaster embodies the necessary conflict with all that is chimerical, villainous, and carnal in the persona mask. The Mark must liberate hirself by attaining familiarity and integral, humility in the face of Pan, for only then can s/he discharge the prolific power which is held in shackles by hir own panic and self-reprehensibility. Thus s/he comes to the core of the labyrinth and faces hir own unconscious in the essential Feral Light of hir own physiology, in order to grow into what s/he always was -- solely natural. When the Slavemaster appears in a spread, it is indicative of the fact that one is grounded to a certain circumstance or personage by sheer necessity. Under a normal state of affairs one would be impelled to continue on the path they are following, but their more wanton instincts are calling them to explore the physical attributes of sex, money and power. Although, one instinctively knows their motives and actions are not spiritual in nature, for the time being they must pursue this course.

The Slavemaster can infer an increase in fiscal acquisitions or anything associated with great monetary transfers, which may often be dubious or abstruse in nature. He is the great Seducer, who, in the corporeal realm, infers the ache for prosperity inherent to general humankind. He will often present a favorable pact, but one that requires close scrutiny to avert being duped. The Slavemaster can in fact lead, without bias, to wealth or poverty. Nevertheless, he always represents a favorable augury for queries that concern disciplines of the arts and imagination. He conjures the ultimate capacity of one's craft, the breadth of the muse in her exalted revelation, and extraordinary ingenuity and vision.

Keywords: Hard work, endurance passion, sexuality, money, creativity, adoration, going beyond, progressiveness, work in the depths. Blind impulse, unscrupulous ambition, temptation, obsession, secret plan, discontent, materialism, dependency, drugs.

  XVI. Twin Towers   P   ( Mars )   The Daedalus   Archetype: Shadow

On the divinatory tip, the Atu of the Twin Towers cropping up in a spread heralds the entropy of extant forms. This card, like the cards of the Hitman and the Slavemaster depend greatly upon the demeanor of the querent in terms of how challenging or agonizing it is to deal with. Clearly it seems more productive to question oneself where one is obstructed or constrained by a faux persona or image, due to the fact that a willed effort to conquer pretense can spare an enormous amount of frustration. But it would appear that the Twin Towers will topple either way, whether the querent is willing or unwilling, not due to some maleficent exterior destiny declaring it, but because something within the querent has reached a maximum impetuosity and can no longer thrive within such confinement. If the querent has been living in a glass house, be prepared for someone to throw a few stones. When the Twin Tower pops up in your spread, it is indicative of change, neither of a definitive positive or negative connotation, that is likely to transpire which could cause the querent to recognize their life plans. They may have to have their dharma in order, but the Twin Towers will place a detour sign along the route so that the querent must re-prioritize.

The Twin Towers indicate the materialization of something that has been locked up, caged, incarcerated. This can embody an urban or rural relocation, an estrangement, a period of momentous articulation, the ambition to leave your place of origin (possibly for another continent), or an occult teaching or classified dossier divulged. Or even a natural or man-made disaster of some form or another such as a lightning strike or empty remote controlled planes armed with bombs tearing into major centers of world trade. This can be the nascent end of something that has long been expectant and takes binary form here -- the dyad of the anima and the animus colluding on a protracted purpose. Often times, if the querent sees only a single feature of his or her query when divining the Atu, the Twin Towers may allude to an extant supporting prospect, an additional diminutively overt prospect. The phallic insinuations of the Twin Towers also makes it a glyph of dual male sex organs (the double dorje, Darth Maul's lightsaber) and all the catechisms related to copulation. The predominant communique of the Twin Towers should be: do not look for God in the celestial heavens far above; let us find IT within A.T.W.A.'s paradise below.

Keywords: Ambition, courage, escape from prison and all that it implies, construction, joy, overflowing, liberation, revealed secret, ejaculation (sometimes premature), theatrical decor. Quarrel, combat, danger, ruin, destruction of plans, sudden death, shock, rupture.

  XVII. Hip-Hop     ( Aquarius )   Pandora   Archetype: Spirit

By way of divination, the Atu of Hip-Hop when it appears in tarot layout heralds the ordeals of ambition, aspiration, and a light at the end of the tunnel amid times of great adversity. Although Hip-Hop, too, can be contradictory and may warn against pipe dreams without the fundamental energy to construct a personal dominion upon them, the Atu of Hip-Hop is a broadcast of talent, a collectively cherished occurrence for the Mark who has made it through the catastrophe of everything which s/he relied on to be of importance in hir existence. The Hip-Hop Atu is the intention card in the Major Arcana. With Hip-Hop one has many plans, dreams, and ambitions. It's best to keep one's wishes simple to ensure they're fulfilled.

Hip-Hop embodies a phase in which a person carves out his or her niche in the world in a way that will exaggerate and feed it from that calling they have made their own. It often reminds us not to make the decision between seemingly inexorable choices, but instead tells us to reconcile the apparently diametric opposites. Hip-Hop is commonly noted as an omen of good fortune, success, and virility. It signifies altruism. It also corresponds to sacred love, faith, and naked truth. It is representative of original thought that assumes its composer has found a befitting medium for his or her craft. As Hip-Hop is the overweening symbol of promise in the Hood, from which its occupants may rise up from out of the slums to greater pastures, and at the same time allow its star players to give something back to their communities.

Keywords: Hope, unexpected help, clarity of vision, spiritual insight, chance, inspiration, song, finding one's place, celebrity, nostalgia, polyamory. Dreaminess, disappointment, waste, being stuck in the past, unexpected pregnancy, old wounds that won't heal.

  XVIII. Initiation     ( Pisces )   Hecate   Archetype: Shadow

On the level of divination, the Atu of Initiation, the moon goddess, heralds a phase of disorientation, inconstancy, and unpredictability. We remain in the grasp of the collective unconscious and can do little but be patient and clasp to the subtle visage of imagination and the paltry sense of hope and faith. Thus the Mark awaits hir resurrection in the amniotic fluid of a larger uterus, barely aware that hir individual evolution is only a tiny shard of an epicurean, impenetrable existence which spans countless aeons and which persists forever fertile yet eternally formless. Sometimes Initiation brings about a sense of depression. Situations have transpired that cloud one's judgment so they're not able to see people or things as they actually are. Insincere persons may be paramount when Initiation rears its ugly head, so it's therefore wise to keep one's own counsel for the time being.

Initiation will typically infer the world of the maternal instinct, to all the areas of the subliminal mind, intuitive power, and the individual esoterica of doing. We can then aim the reading unto the alliance of the querent visiting the diviner with his or her maternal figure, or their concept of womanhood. For a female this Atu can be the signifier of a great awakening. For a male, it's a cue to take on typically feminine qualities like empathy, perceptivity, and so forth. Initiation represents a positive talisman for any person willing to devote themselves to prose, to Hermetic studies, to all body-mind disciplines, and all sorts of concerns attached to the esoteric side of things, often times without constriction. It can embody wretchedly characterized anxieties, but also a trip across the ocean or arrival at a harbor. It tends toward contemplation, and to all the states of spirit typically corresponding with a "lunar" or "lunatic" essence. Its eternally sympathetic undeveloped faculties is its greatest diamond in the rough.

Keywords: Illusion, intuition, dream, receptivity, deception, bewilderment, falsehood, voluntary change, poetry, mystery, cosmic mother. Hysteria, madness, uncertainty, daydreams, superstition, solitude, night terror, energy vampire, unlimited request.

  XIX. The Shinning Path     ( Sol )   Apollo   Archetype: Puer

On the divinatory scope, the card of the Shinning Path, the sun god, heralds a time of lucidity, enthusiasm, and a renewal of reliance on the Other. It's probable to comprehend the sequential arrangement, to plot out the events of the inevitable, to propel in a straight motion. The hexes of the darkness are dispersed, and the Mark is now equipped with predictive powers, furtive goals, and belief in the thriving spirit of humanity. Thus s/he comes into contact with that great masculine principle in life, working through both sexes, which moves in one direction toward hir aims. Where Initiation inhibited one's ability to reveal the veils behind the visible spectrum, the Shinning Path lifts those veneers so one can see clearly. If one has been uncertain about taking a specific plan of action, they will soon know what they need to do. The Shinning Path brings with it the brightness and happiness so many search for. At long last, illumination has come after a long period of ambiguity and turmoil.

The Shinning Path is a positive equivocator for all new development; it is indicative of Infinite Compassion and presages prosperity based on an avid and spiritual strategy. This is the distillation of the Pair in romantic embrace, the accomplishment of transubstantiation, an understanding in any realm of human life -- in its emotive, psychological, visionary, or financial facets. It's also the start of a fresh existence in which prior hardships are abandoned; the pairing up of similar souls, making a mutually beneficial commitment. The Shinning Path can also embody the optimal standards of the paternal archetype, which includes the waking of the dormant male essence and intellect in the emotional output of the female. It may also be indicative of the dominating spirit of the father icon which may or may not be a biological father as often times the biological father may find himself absent from the child's life for one reason or another. The image the child has of their father may be too whimsical to duplicate the authentic article. The warmth of the sun if freely accessible to all creatures on Earth at all times. Nonetheless, we shouldn't dismiss from mind that too much sun causes melanoma, exhaustion, and such arid conditions as to transform the landscape to a desert.

Keywords: Glory, gain, riches, triumph, pleasure, truth, shamelessness, manifestation, recovery, awareness, radiance, mutual aid, fraternity, reciprocal love. Arrogance, vanity, rivalry, absent father, twinship.

  XX. Seed   S   ( Pluto/Fire )   The Psychopomp   Archetype: Re-birth

A the level of prediction, the Atu of the Seed, when it appears in a layout heralds a period when the dividends of past endeavors make themselves known. This is a time of taking stock, of actualization of what we have been doing where we ourselves have created the future which now awaits us. It's a questionable card, as it can also infer a morbid collision with all our own circumventions and self-deceptions. The dividend is not always a pleasing one. The Mark must now own up to hir tasks, for the time of yield has come to fruition, and the mishaps and innovative endeavors of the past are accumulated together to form the future. Whatever occurs to the querent in terms of ordeals, the Atu of the Seed augurs the termination of a episode in their existence. But unlike the Hitman, it does not infer bereavement. Rather, it is a clear awareness of the degree to which we have been able to be real with ourselves on this Bardo Tellus Server.

The Seed often hearkens back to the situation of how the querent dealt with their birth. This is inclusive of all probable varieties of a precarious delivery, a disrupted incubation, or an extraordinarily onerous circumstance involving the very hour of birth that could've developed a psychic (or other) handicap. The querent will then thrive, to one level or another, deliberately or not, as a person who was not asked for, whose nativity was unintentional. The psychosis of disappointment, sorrow, or unimaginable complication will endlessly thrash this person to the depths, down to the burial chamber from which they have been evoked to surface. The Seed ultimately infers the conjuration of an ambition, a trade or skill, an evocation to some kind of structure. This is an Atu of elation and rapture, abstruse metempsychosis, a novena instantly gratified, where forces are ascending from A.T.W.A. to Kia then falling back to Earth again much like the lightning flash down the Tree of Life which would return to its source. We should appreciate this final stage before the cognizance of the Hood.

Keywords: Closure, resolution, definitive action, vocation, call, birth, renaissance, consciousness, transcendence, music, work of a couple, emergence of something buried, sublimated devil, refusal the act one's age.

  XXI. The Hood   T   ( Saturn )   Hermaphroditus   Archetype: Self

By means of divination, the Atu of the Hood when it appears in a layout heralds a period of accomplishment and assimilation. This is a time of victory at the rewarding epilogue of an issue, or the achievement of a target designation which has been worked hard for. But this cathartic experience is simply a shadow of something enigmatic and subtle, and the breakdancing Hermaphroditus becomes the fetus who at some point surfaces from the Hood as the Mark. Thus the great revolution of the arcanum concludes where it originates, for we might start with Hermaphroditus as the approaching patrilineal ancestor of the personality which finally leads to the nativity of the Mark. And so the unending circle, like Ouroboros or the Leminscate, is complete. When the Hood shows up, one has reached the end of an important cycle in one's life. The Hood indicates union and completion as well as a sense of synergy. With the Hood, one will soon be encountering a new path to take that will enable one to resume their soul growth.

Due to it having been situated at the near final position and in the point of completion, the Hood signifies a considerable culmination of understanding. It represents an adept female, a spirit in complete happiness, an utopia, a joyful union, material prosperity. This Atu can also trigger journeying (in all senses of the word) which embodies one encountering the universe on their own terms. Just as the Twin Towers exploding can conjure up images of the penis in the throes of ejaculation, Atu XXI calls to the imagination the vaginal canal which houses the trickling down (or possibly, squirting) of a virulent orgasm or that of woman with a child in labor, as the pains of this process mirror those of the streets in the Hood. However, in a similar fashion, the card may symbolize a problematic start to one's undertakings: understanding is required before any activity can be initiated. Therefore, we see the card as a form of martial law in its negative aspect. When this is the case we search the querent for signs of trauma introduced at their entrance to life which has formed a blockage in their current existence. To avoid unsubstantiated liens laid upon the querent about their early history, we need to search the spread for the Hood's location. It finds more favor toward the end or future of a layout than toward the beginning or past. If it lie in their present influences we may ask ourselves why the querent is stuck with their head in the sand, obstinate with regard to the outside world and other dimensions of time.

Keywords: Synthesis, completion, patience, perseverance, realization, fulfillment, heroism, holiness, orgasm. Delay, opposition, inertia, difficult beginning, imprisonment, feeling stymied, the universe reaching its limit.

  XXII. Enigma   finals   ( Zodiac/Solar system )   Chaos   Archetype: Synchronicity


Acausal connecting principle





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