Advanced Sigil Creation
          ( creating sigils using the Tree of Life and the Thoth deck )


We're currently engaged in a pathworking of genetic modification which is a concept lovingly ganked, and much altered, from Dr. JiHadit abu Nidal. The process described in his article entails usage of the 64 tri-grams of the I-Ching as reference points from which to build a working model of our DNA. What I've done is converted this model ever so slightly to allow it fit with the keys of the tarot which has a more Occidental feel to it. I have no bias for Wesoterica over Eastern practice I just, personally have a broader base of knowledge in Hermetic sciences than in Eastern studies.

My subject, here, will not detail the pathwork I'm undergoing specifically because of the detrimental nature of allowing outsiders a view into the macroscopic and microscopic aspects of my DNA as they appear in their modular form. I'm not attempting to divulge the nature of the modification terminal mostly due to the fact that I find it too personal to elaborate upon at this point. I also do not feel comfortable enough with the loose records that I have so far to make them public. I am limiting myself, here, to a single use I've discovered for my current working model. The following example of advanced sigil creation can be thought of as a spontaneously actualized side effect of the entire work itself. When I've reached the point where I am satisfied with my records and the progress I've made in this self-designer rite I will most certainly present it.

I will try not to confuse the reader (which seems to be my only discernible talent magickally) and present this concept in as much plain English as possible. To begin with, I'm not going to outline the history behind kabbala and the tarot and gematria and sigil creation simply because it seems counter-productive to do so in the presence of other magickians. I will however expand upon a few of the sources that I'm working from - those being: The Rose Cross Sigil Creator, The Book of Thoth (Crowley), The Kabbalah Unveiled (S.L. MacGregor Mathers), the Golden Yawn (vol. III book 6 & vol. IV book 7), The Book of Pleasure (A. O. Spare), Puppet Master Sorcery (Infek bin Laden), Sigils Servitors and Godforms (Marik), and Advanced Sigil Magick (Naddav). My list of secondary sources would be quite extensive but, suffice to say my close friends, the zenseiderz, and the z(cluster) as a whole have enabled me to bring all of this to life.

I've made a frame for the ToL to point out all of the attributed spheres of influence upon the sephirot and the paths connecting them. All the Atu belong in Kether along with all the Aces. All wands belong to Chokmah along with the four kings and the four twos. All cups belong to Binah along with the four queens and the four threes. The four fours belong to Chesed. The four fives belong to Geburah. All swords belong to Tipareth along with the four princes and the four sixes. The four sevens belong to Netzach. The four eights belong to Hod. The four nines belong to Yesod. All disks belong to Malkuth along with the four princessess and the four tens. The reason I compile all of these corresponsences both in text and graphically is to allow anyone who wishes to utlilize this sigil creation technique (which I will begin to explain any day now) the option of placing possible duplicate attributes within their planes of ulterior signifigance. I think this will make more sense once I've begun to lay the foudnation for the technique itself.

Here we have the 10 sephirot and the 22 paths. Please excuse the crude nature of this graphic representation. I'm just not very concerned with the aesthetics involved as much as with the clarity of defining solid technique. Within these 32 "locations" we may find explanations that differ from one another in all manner of Hermetic literature. Again, I will try to generalize traditions and keep it simple.

Now, there are two ways to approach the creation of a sigil thru the tarot.

  1. 1. Pull cards randomly
    (normal sortilege methods)
  2. 2. Pick cards intentionally
    (arbitrary groupings)

In the example below I opted to pull cards at random and allot them to the tree in the order I pulled them. I had no preconceived notion of what this sigil was to represent. I utilized a technique that m'frater Znujeel terms "reverse divination" which essentially, in this case, amounts to no less than your run-of-the-mill sigil enchantments. The twist is that we are looking to transmit thru the keys of the tarot via the tree instead of receiving from them. If anyone has a better way to explain this I'd love for them to indulge me. Also, please note that the sigil below was made specifically for the self-designer rite and therefore I removed 14 cards from the full deck of 78 to end up with 64 keys with which to mirror the I-Ching tri-grams as mentioned in the source of this working. I removed 14 of the court cards with the exception of the King of Wands and the Queen of Cups which represent the Pillars of Mercy and Severity, respectively.

For the purposes of the sigil creation technique I do not think it is necessary to remove any cards from the deck unless you're looking to extend your sigil into a genome code as I have. The number of cards I pulled for the sigil below also went along with the DNA work. Eight cards times 8 sigils equals 64 keys to mirror the I-Ching tri-grams. I see no reason why anyone would have to limit themselves to any specific number of cards although using less than three would probably result in a rather ridiculous angled line which could not exactly be considered sigil-like but, who am I to judge? And, using more than 8 cards may result in too many duplicate attributions and therefore make it impossible to construct a workable sigil. I'm advising that people use either 3, 5, or 8 cards as keys from which to construct their sigil (not that I think anyone is going to actually use this technique in the first place).

Here we have 8 cards arranged on the ToL including The Fool (Atu 0.), The Emperor (Atu IV.), Lust (Atu XI.), The Devil (Atu XV.), The Ace of Disks, The Two of Wands (Mars in Aries), The Six of Disks (Luna in Taurus), and The Ten of Wands (Saturn in Sagittarius). Their placement on the Tree itself reflects their correspondences which I've detailed above. I think it is, now rather self-explanatory how I've arrived at these sigil-forms and I wish to attempt some explanation of what this sigil might represent since it is not a traditional sigil in the respects of being reduced and abstracted from an actual written statement of intent. Instead what we have here is even further abstract in that no two people (tarot reader) could possibly interpret the influences of these cards identically.

There will always be room for extra speculation or added meaningfulness. The significance I wish to present is purely subjective and certainly not the only means by which a person may view this sigil's significance as a transmitter of conceptual intention and a container for ideals relating to the will of the magickian. The sigils which manifest from this technique should be known as circuits of desire. This sets a precedent for encoding will into composite form since very few individuals have brought such a rudimentary sorcery (such as sigil creation) this far.

I've deemed this sigil as representing the everpresent force of subverting the dominant paradigm. In the battle for the aeon, individual magickians are faced with all manner of physical, psychick, and emotional intimidation here on the Bardo Tellus server. Reality is a fuck-or-be-fucked continuum. This sigil represents our desire to hurtle certain obstacles set up as barricades to our ultimate conquest over the little "i".

Here you will find the other 7 example sigils laid upon the ToL