I.M.T. - Ideal Magickal Tribe by Coyote 324
          ( Originally published by T.O.P.Y. Luna 1995)


The designation of "reality" as a product of individual aesthetic. My "Ideal Magical Tribe", as a Vehicle for Personal Liberation: To be co-opted as a charter for appropriate individuals.

"Normality should be your total difference from it." A.O.S.

  1. 1. The I.M.T. is a non-hierarchical structure. This non-structure provides opportunities for:
    • a) Freedom from the Tyranny of Misleaders, while at the same time encouraging voluntary individual leadership on a consensual basis.
    • b) Freedom to create both individually and collectively, without confinement or obligation.
    • c) No mandatory roles or assignments.
    • d) The decision making process coevolves organically with as little emphasis and energy expenditure as possible, allowing the possibility of BLISS to manifest naturally.
  2. 2. The I.M.T. does not endorse or coerce any specific behavior outside the realm of ecstatic bliss.
  3. 3. The I.M.T. practices and encourages the free dissemination of knowledge, while respecting the artistic sovereignty of its agents. This same autonomy applies to all aspects of POST TRIBAL functioning: The "true" will of the individual is deemed "sacred", and transcends the will of the Tribe, Coven and Pact, Order etc. creating a vehicle for personal transcendence of social mediocrity and herd mentality, while cultivating the obvious advantages of co-opting the tribal egregore.
    • a) No specific activity is either demanded or requested; The alignment of will takes place as the natural expression of personal desire and individual creativity.
  4. 4. The I.M.T. seeks to accomplish the formulae of "sexual alchemies"; while at the same time attempting to overcome the natural bias of our dominator culture towards patriarchy, and fostering a "new sexuality" based on total "self love" and personal freedom, regardless of race, gender or personal fetish.
    • a)The traditional taboos and fetishes of sexuality are explored and enhanced with group encouragement in a supportive environment.
    • b) The use of S/M as Sex Magick.
  5. 5. As catalysts of change, and agents of sexual liberation, the I.M.T. suggests that individuals should expand their limits consensually and synergistically with other agents of change, both within and without the I.M.T.. "Sexual Fetish Magick" is accomplished with the goal of revolutionizing personal and social sexuality, while enhancing erotic appeal, both to oneself and their corresponding reflection in others.
  6. 6. The I.M.T. accepts no DOGMA as final, except the aim of expanding the horizons of our perceptions towards infinite freedom and ecstasy, as determined by the personal aesthetics of each individual.
  7. 7. The I.M.T. does not give teachings from any definite authoritative tenet, there is no code of such tenants, no tenets put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds, and there is no doctrine (or system of doctrines) concerning faith or morality, authoritatively claimed...
    • Personal liberation implies:
    • a) Freedom from necessity. (comparison or convention, opinion etc..)
    • b) Freedom from scrutiny and undue criticism.
    • c) Freedom from mundane sexuality.
    • d) Freedom from the burden of contrived schedules and major administrative assignments.
    • e) Freedom from excessive dues or fees, taxes or levees.
    • f) Freedom from the necessity to participate directly by using diverse methods of communication. i.e.: astral, telepathic computer mediated communications, phone, mail, electro-dildonics etc..
    • g) Freedom from the Tyranny the natural unspoken hierarchy that arises in every social setting by developing and employing deliberate deconstruction techniques.
    • h) The non-necessity of traditional cultural values and lifestyles.
    • i) Freedom from mundane "reality".
  8. 8. The I.M.T. sees the current dominator culture of domesticated primate/post terrestrial to be the primary cause of sexual impairment in this species.

By conscious and deliberate stirring of the cauldron of personal growth and evolution, Agents of the I.M.T. take personal responsibility for the repair of our damaged erotic self-image by becoming vehicles for cultural growth and sexio-magico experimentation.

All Rites can be developed/rehearsed and/or distributed in advance, or spontaneously as they may occur.

All ritual supplies and expenditures should be made by personal donation. Agents who fail to show personal initiative may submit themselves for Deletion from the I.M.T. without prejudice.

The Celebration of the Eight Sabbats may serve as a lens with which to focus communication between agents.