Using glossolalia to discover words of power
          ( Huzen productions © 2015 )


Creating words of power from the deep mind/unconscious is not a difficult task. In a similar manner, the Pentecostal Christians use a technique called speaking in tongues during their services. The magician decides upon a statement of intent, then creates a symbol representing the sentence. Gazing at this symbol, one should attain a state of inner silence while concentrating on the intent until a deep state of altered consciousness is reached through whatever means are applicable.

Once the altered state of consciousness nears gnosis, the magician proceeds to speaking in tongues or, basically, letting syllables, words, and seemingly nonsensical lexic items flow out of their mouth freely and without the restraints of lingual integrity. Keep up the flow until a deeper state of gnosis occurs and you intuitively stumble or catch yourself repeating a certain phrase over and over and over. Once you find this phrase and you receive the accompanying bodily or emotional reactivity to it, you know that you have found your particular phrase of power.

Once you have this phrase intuitively sounding and feeling intense, you know the discovery is complete. The magician may move on to:

Accessing a particular state of consciousness via the use of power words.

Continuing from our last exercise and using your word of power discovered with our deep mind exploration process of speaking in tongues, we want to be able to access that particular state at will. All that's necessary is to further set our intent and charge our word with it.

One can either use the word previously discovered, or create a new one applicable to any working at hand. Basically, this is reverse process whereas last time we uncovered the word by way of altered states of consciousness, this time we will attempt to engage in altered state of consciousness by way of the word.

Banish and/or open by whatever means the magician desires. Rest oneself in a position, or posture, or form applicable to the intent.

  • Option 1 (simple enunciation of received mantras)
    • Begin the repetition of a mantra or your word of power either silently, whispered, or aloud, or some combination thereof.

      Some may use the 3*3*3 method for a total of 9 emanations of aural vibrations on each plane; silent, whispered, and aloud.

      Continue repetitions until gnosis is attained, or the word of power is lost to the deeper mind, obliterated, throughly soaked, or charged with low-attention processing.

  • Option 2 (must be at a location where loud sounds are permitted)
    • One enters a state of utter silence, gazing at a sigil containing one's statement of intent. After some time, when one cannot hold the silence any longer, they should yell the word of power as loud as possible with vehement conviction.

      Thus, charging it with the state of consciousness attained through quasi-primal scream therapy.

      The magician now has a bona-fide original "Word of Power" which can function as a trigger or anchor for the desired altered state of consciousness, to be activated at the magicians will, in any specific situation.