The unfiltered memetic drift of Chaos
          ( how we got from non-linear dynamics to the disarray of anarchy and dismantling society )


Our Law : To Trespass all Laws

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted

Although stained with genital perspiration, anal putrescence, and prostatic fluid, these model statements have further soiled the psychic underpants of modern chaosorcerers who take too seriously their self-destructive, nihilistic, and often times pseudo-satanic impulses --- to the degree that they attempt to force them upon others for the sake of empowering their limp dicked, hell-raising, prepubescent 'friends' plastered with black metal logos about denim and leather. It remains quite a difficult task to arrange for the demise of the 1% conspiracy and single-handedly immanentize the eschaton alongside your own infernal fraternity of failed evil sorcerers from the laundry room of your parent's basement in the suburbs.

These quintessential statements scrawled above, once written with the best of intentions, have grown into a monster: the anathema of transmogrification, consensual free expression in an environment of mutual exchange, and liberation from the constraints of moral, religious, and societal bondage. However, one too many wackjobs have taken these gentle affirmations and molded them to fit their own narrow reality tunnels and twisted them to adhere to their own peculiarly warped belief systems. What began as the birth of capital C primordial, quantum Chaos quickly devolved into little c disruptive, out of control chaos which bends a knee exclusively to disorder and randomosity.

I speak to you. You, who terrorize the places I post this, with your incessant drive to pulverize the paradigms of the orthodox chaote into finely chopped celery stalks for the sake of some idiosyncratic need to purport what you believe as the "truth" about Chaos. Nothing could remain further from the actuality of the situation. Many embody those who would tell you otherwise, but I do not write these words to tell you a damn thing. I write these words for those who already know. Those who can explain what Chaos epitomizes without having to stop and think about it as it comes as second nature to them. They come correct, inherently equipped with the necessary tools to make fools out of those who drool at the sight of the chaostar. We do not. We know it remains no more than a symbol for a much larger means of understanding how our instinctual drives interpose one another. A considerable glyph impressing the polarities that find themselves innate to the functioning of our emotional make up.

No yin exists without yang. No conception without expiration. No war without peace. No fear without desire. No purity without an ego to anchor it to. These exemplify the habitual mechanisms which remain fundamental to the hologrammatic reality we call existence. It thrives with or without our belief in it. I urge the lot of you with nothing better to do than ooze verbal diarrhea from your cock pockets to re-think your strategy on what Chaos seems to do, tends to manifest as, and appears to have in common with causality. It may surprise you if you stop your yammering for five seconds to listen to those who've done this thing a few years longer than yourselves. We may surprise you with a bit of insight into the wild world of Chaos incarnate.

Now, don't get me wrong. This piece of verbiage does not exist simply as a self-serving soapbox from which I get to call out potential asshats and shitclowns alike, but rather it stands as providence of virgin land. Undiscovered country that many remain too frightened to explore or venture out into for fear that they may stumble upon a new monolith or relic of ages past. This all represents metaphor, and possibly the analogy has gotten lost on many of you, but suffice to say it goes by a name. That which has yet to get uncovered has its own pseudonym. And, that nom de plume signifies a mysterious monument to the wisdom of the aeons. It resembles the akashic records, in that, it contains all knowledge past, present, and future. What I speak of has no form, but it does have an identity, and so I leave it to you to recover its lost persona.

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