Crossing Reality Tunnels in a Leaky Paddle Boat
          ( Vote Capeditiea 2020: Nano-Lexemic Androgyny Predominance )


As mind control offers a two-way street, one has the choice between actively controlling their own mind or having it simply controlled for them by external forces. The division between the have and have-nots has been a tall hedge to scale for some time now. We intend to burn the hedge the ground. This will entail the sole-defining platform for the V-prime party movement throughout the 2020 primaries.

For far too long, the United States has toiled under the delusion of a trickle down economy, wherein the public anxiously awaits the seamless sloppy seconds, which dribble down the thighs of the prosperous 1%, in hopes of upgrading their plebeian ignominious tax bracket.

In place of such fantasies, we will have the commonality form a galactic alliance of the people. No longer will labor unions get suppressed by corporate greed. We feel the individual embodies a sovereign source of self-initiation and that the unit constituency decidedly makes up the integral anatomy of the composite establishment.

Elitism, under this alt-right wing regime, has reached such epidemic proportions that even the boorish middle class proletariat has their own version of the Order of the Water Buffalo. Herein lies the problem with most archaic and contemporary secret societies, spiritual organizations, and magickal orders: they gain much more from you than you gain from them. They get to see their enterprise flourish, while you may get to emblazon yourself with some lofty title and achieve a state of complacency, not enlightenment, as often pretended in aspirancy.

Much like government, these psychic leeches seek to undermine your personal initiative. The intentional 'dumbing down' of America does not represent just a quaint idea or a myth, it literally embodies the foundation laid for future generations who won't even know what paper and pencils got used for in a scholastic capacity. We actively abandon major funding from programs and curriculum like cursive writing, Civics, Art, Music, Dance, Acting, Band, hell, even Physical Education now receives cuts in revenue by the individual townships who answer to the board of education. An elementary school child only requires 60 minutes of Phys. Ed. a week to pass the course. That seems appalling.

We sail on seas of tumultuous chaos, these days, and if we draw an analogy between our country and any body of water, it would seem more closely aligned with that of the Bermuda Triangle. Practicality flies in, has its instruments all fouled up, and then never gets seen from again. Do grays abduct all our commonsensical leaders (Win for #OpIntruder!), or does the deafening complex of bureaucracy override their voices in the cacophony of circular calamity? But in its current state under #45 the pond more resembles the garbage barge floating about the Pacific Ocean, known as Fukushima, full of consumer trash, industrial run-off, and an assortment of medical waste; not only a biological hazard, but also a societal risk to entire populations of human beings.

One could watch C-SPAN for two months straight and still not have a clue how Washington actually works---other than the fact that congress follows its own set of rules. They make shit up as they go along. The people spread across this once great nation have grown sick of the blatant corporate autocracy and the outright promiscuous hypocrisy wherein representatives become ruled entirely by special interests.

Handouts do not make for a balanced complex, either. Nor will dividing the wealth (however you interpret that) function to steer this ship onto azure horizons. The individual must do their own work. And, so it stands with any discipline or body of superintendence.

The national debt of each American citizen remains at about $60k per person, to date, starting the day one comes into this world, for a specific reason. Humans embody slaves in this for-profit prison system with an ever-militarizing police force. No hair-piece in a custom-made suit can attempt to just waltz in and clean up the mess, no matter how well they might happen to poll this quarter.

We exist on an island of desperation, wading in the shallows of imaginal artifice. Promises of removing immigrants from the boundaries set up by Eurocentric forebearers reek of duplicity, the likes of which even hydrogen sulphide has to compete. This goes doubly so for someone who has their line of clothing made by Third-World sweatshop workers. Do not, by any means whatsoever, allow the reins to get taken by a "business man" with zero experience in politics who went quadruple bankrupt. He may know many important global money shakers, but with such a cretin in office, this vast land would get bought and sold almost over night.

The V-prime party movement, orchestrated by the non-profit multi-media collective known as Z(enseider)Z, has issued a general statement:

"For many of us, voting becomes an increasing waste of time. Choosing between any dualistic anomaly remains an insufferable bore. We know this, friends, but we implore you to get to the polling stations this time around and cast your ballot for a truly unique candidate. One that takes both the young to heart and keeps the elderly in mind. One who possesses both a working class background and an entrepreneurial spirit. One who also has experience with both sides of the law. One who also does not find hirself shy about hir drug use and never strays away from sharing hir extensive personal catalog of self-composed music as a patron of the arts."

---Rebel physicist & doctor of funk Saul Iman, co-founder of Z(enseider)Z

And with recent advents in entheriogenick cocktails and cymatic aural phenomena, wave-based synchromystical neural hemisphere correction seems more possible than ever. This proves risky for the militant psychedelic Satanist as it may lead to law enforcement designing their own sound-based weaponry, for use at demonstrations and protests that attempt to immobilize the synapses. However, for now, this technology rests exclusively in the hands of outlaw lifers and cyber pirates. Their standing in the overall esoterrorist community bridges the gap between psychedelic Satanic activism and Z.'. Z.'. exit strategy training.

These make up Capeditiea's biggest supporters. And now she has gotten calls from the merchants of death, i.e. the gun lobbyists (for hir gung-ho stance on paramilitary operations), the people in big tobacco (as Cap has persisted openly with hir cigarette smoking), and the loons peddling alcohol (even though Cap has staunchly rejected the mass distribution of booze, describing it as "the worst of all the abused scourges of society"), opting instead for people to construct their own stills even though it makes for a far more dangerous hobby. Cap refers to social Darwinism as hir reasoning behind such seemingly backward thinking.

Hir financial agenda makes it difficult for us to discern which way she leans, liberal or conservative---if indeed hir independence does not make hir a true radical. She has noted such projects as digging up graveyards to put all the remains of people's loved ones in a more efficiently stacked mega-mausoleum to make way for low income housing and the erection of forward-thinking youth centers for runaway children. This would embody a place where wayward youths could find creative outlets for their talents since most young people who find themselves on the streets stand as mostly misunderstood by their parents and society as a fixture.

"Children have a power all their own to decide whether they want to reinvent themselves. They should get this freedom at home, but if they do not get backing from their loved ones to do their own thing, we will give them access to all manner of technology, medium, and modem to achieve their desired form of expression. Whether that comes in the form of computers, spray paint, musical instruments, clothes, or dancing matters not. All teens, and younger children, have a massive amount of pent-up creative juices flowing through their veins, and if we believe that the children represent the future, should we not foster their every impulse toward artistic expression?

"We also plan to initiate after-school programs for latch-key kids at our centers, which still remain in the developmental stage. But at our so-called Houses of Discord, we plan to have the young getting taught personal responsibility from both the homeless folks on the street and certain venture capitalists making their way in the business world today. This will give kids the perfect dichotomy from which to choose. Believe it or not, some people remain happy living on the streets, and we won't discourage the young if that seems to truly fit with their path.

"Every generation of Americans gets weaker, lazier, and more inept at discerning the tidal wave of modern fiscal demagogues to choose from. These models seem as though they get their strength from the edifice of cultural indictment that gets levied against our socioeconomic standing. The millennial mind seems blind to the tenets of wealth status inertia which dictates that no matter how much one makes, the personage will remain perpetually one poor decision or one unfitting circumstance out of the red---never mind dwelling at the mercies of capitalism's heavy hand. Therefore, it remains with the individual to decide whether they rise or fall under the un-backed gold brick of personal finance..."

---Presidential candidate Capeditiea of the V-Prime party movement

As propaganda minister for the V-prime party movement, Eian Orange, one of the co-founders and still a prominent meme-bearer in charge of the multi-media department of Z(enseider)Z, made himself available for questioning on August 15th 2016 in downtown Savannah, and the press gathered to hear what he had to say in support of his soror, musickal collaborator, and friend. His speech seemed precise, yet impromptu, noting that "the party had gathered in the last election, but met with very little coverage" due to their last candidate having held views that seem "far more lenient in their stance on autonomous zones and memetic integration" than Cap.

However, with Capeditiea, "..the voter knows exactly where they stand on key issues like proposing a budget for Post-Modern Lycanthropic Warfare, initiating the planet's first Satanic-Bloc Nation State, validating the integrity of psychedelic ritual practice as a legitimized form of worship, easing up FDA & DEA regulations on other mind and mood altering substances, and installing Dr. Ayin R. Inch as surgeon general to make a case for these substances and other performance-enhancing voice recognition wetware prostheses," Orange further added.

The V-prime party has had the good fortune to have so many amazing folks on their side. It would seem as though the party has continued counting their chickens before they hatch, assigning offices to those within the party or the Z(enseider)Z meme-bearership roster. In line for Capeditiea's Secretary of the Treasury's seat, the V-prime party has their eyes set on Rachel Haywire for the ticket, who has regularly cited hir stance on personal economic liberation. "Don't hate capitalism because you keep losing at it. If you constantly lose at it, you probably need to rethink your behavior. The problem may lie with you."

When candidate Capeditiea spoke with Kelly Matthews of Tech Weekly, she expressed tenderness and concern, of an almost apocalyptic nature, toward the online transgender community, who have it so difficult with bullying and prejudice, stating that "their attackers will soon feel the strain of memedrones upon their heads". She also called for all transpeople to stand up and "jab out some eyeballs with sporks, if necessary" in Tech Weekly's mid-July issue.

Another Z(enseider)Z meme-bearer had an opportunity to interface with the fourth estate last week, while Cap paid a visit to hir home state of Nebraska:

"Capeditiea wants to send your children to Feral Light University for FREE. Most of the other candidates want to send your beloved young ones to Afghanistan to protect the U.S. investment in Heroin trafficking. Cap wants everyone to attend at least ONE service at a local branch of the Church Of Latter Day Satanists, so that they may KNOW firsthand the suffering that Eternal Separation from the Archetypal Theriomorph involves. Members of the conservative party wish you would kneel and worship some 2000 year old corpse of a Jew, who may or may not have endured getting thumb-tacked to a giant piece of wood, dying for all your 'sins', and then getting resurrected by his heavenly father. The V-prime party movement thinks the voter has more intelligence than that.

"We already know that not a word written about Jesus Christ had gotten penned until 200 years after his death. Let's go back 200 years in America's history. How much do people actually know about the Civil War? The average cadaver still thinks the Northern Virginia battle flag existed as the Confederate army's representative emblem. We think it remains safe to say that no one in 2000 e.v. knew a fucking thing about Jesus Christ aside from the Gnostics, even though no one currently buys into the Nag Hammadi library aside from scholars."

---One raging lunatic, frothing at the mouth, full of solar phallic outbursts, Pope Mickey XXIII, Z(enseider)Z Sgt-at-arms

It remains in no one's interest to mix religion and politics; however, as Cap considers hirself a Stoic Discordian, you'll find very little in the way of dogma emanating from hir general direction in the present race. Yet, the spread of Satanic panic serves as a pathological device which triggers the twitchy, jelly-like spines of the ultra-conservative Christian right and the ultra-liberal anti-defamationist left. Both swell in irritation at the sight, smell, or sound of Satan, but when it comes to Latter Day Satanism, neither party really has any grasp on the implications of Puppet Master Sorcery within the confines of a 21st century paragon.

And, finally, in accordance with the founding principles of hir party, Cap pledges to slander the verb BE and all associated accomplices from the English language! The V-prime (the V stands for vernacular) party movement established itself as a learning nexus from which Z(enseider)Z meme-bearers could increase their psychick acuity via linguistic pattern recognition. The basic idea seems simple enough: remove the verb BE and all its instances of tensed forms (am, are, is, was, were) and non-tensed forms (being, been) from writing, speech, and eventually thought. Things begin to reveal themselves more and more the further one gets with the practice of removal. Where once we had declarations of "I am", now there remains only "I", and with time and specific meditations, the individual will softly melt away the serendipitous sense of self. The ultimate disposition of V-prime amounts to complete freedom from the constraints of profanity, identity, parity, and deity.

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Written by: Eian Orange

Co-edited by Frater Donald