Do-it Yourself biographic fascinational representitive
          ( broad sketch of the subject at certain specific length as to arouse suspsicions about convex alerions )

The independent multimedia artist known as Eian Orange represents the apotheosis of all genuine assholes. He grew up on the streets of Little India, NJ and eventually went on to study at Feral Light University.

Eian tends to plague the Internet with his absurdist lexic ingenuity working packet in packet with a small research team from around the globe towards the development & advancement of reverse engineered hand-held wetware devices for use in counter population brainwave manipulation. He exists as a deacon in the Church of Latter Day Satanists.

Tact and brevity definitely ain't his strong suits.

One of a handful of foolish devotees of the Gematria of Nothing, Eian utilizes translatable syllogisms specific to the cipher in conjunction with the experimental synchromystical noise some call "Xeno" while others call "Neo-Folk Terrorcore", even though Eian seems rather uninterested in genre definitions and the compartmentalization of "music" as some form of buyer kill buyer marketing scheme, that turns everyday impulse shoppers into fanatical obsessives with ravenous appetites for coupon card point values, consolatory courtesy gift bags, and buy 1-get-1 clearance sales

Eian is currently in search of a devious and intoxicating augoeides raper who will share his abundance of self-validating, denial-reinforcing philosophies of delusional empowerment and pathological narcissism.