Innernet-specific Innerests
          ( here we have what Eian is currently interested in, invested in, or memes he himself has invented )


  For the most part bands, books, websites, etc. will be kept on another page to avoid promotional cross-occurence from interefering with the simplicity of this masterpiece of modern memetic mediocrity. Some are obvious and literal, play on words or rearrangement of meaning, while others are inside jokes or just goofs.

ahayuasca slurpees, anontological conditioning, arid zone agorophobia, atavistic selv-abuse, auto-erotic comatose lucidity, autonomous creative networks, awareness management, ameriglish slanguage, automatic wranting, avoiding use of the word paradigm, alchemical intrigue, agrippa's three alphabets: coelestis, malachim, and transsitus fluuiia, automatic drawing/writing, animism, ancestor veneration, african diaspora, afro-caribbean religions, asatru

bait and tackle flaming, bare-hands magick, bicycle injuries, binge shrinking, black-hole sowilo, blame israel, breaking hymens, bullshit university, butchering the H.V.C.W., bnai ephraim

casino time-suspension phenomena, chakra piercing, chaostafarianism, chia-pet indo, ciphoning kalas, codes & ciphers, cointel dissension, compulsive scrying, crossing impermanant thresholds, crowleyite xtianity, cultural disintegration, curse the riaa, consecrating mosh pits with goetic summonings, counter-comfirmation/counter-denial tactics, contradviriitizing initiatives, creating livable alternatives to wage slavery, cryptopathology, chemognostic illumination, casketlife vomitparty punkrock, coin my jolt!, contract-killers in clown suits, counter-couture, complex and unstable mythdoms, ceremonial magic, cryptography, constructed languages, cybernetics, channeled texts, copyleft documents, cargo cults, confusicism, christian mysticism, candomble (and umbanda), chaos magic

dead narcs, deadly orange radiation, defying vulgar astrologies, deliberate refusal of truth, delusional extremeism, desecrating magickal literature, devious batchles, devouring fluff, diagnostic gematria calculations, dick in the bush, digitally-synthesized chemical-reactions, doubtless self-importance, door-to-door discordianism, droppin' your jaw, dee and kelley, dadaism, daoism

east-coast fuck-you, eat people not poultry, eidolon leeches, electronic resin, entheriogenick cocktails, enumerasciigilia, eq-aly, erasing consensual belief structure, ethical cleansing, exploiting zionism, extemporaneous self-annihilation, eye decay, esoterrorism, english qabalah, enochian whisperings, enochian apocrypha, eastern philosophy

fuck the world, fake plastic titties, feline avatars, fifth-aeon vernacular, foto ma'at, free gnosis, freestyle chaosorcery, fifteen-to-a-clip politics, fraternity of nod, fuckitallfuckeverything!, further than four circuits, feigning intelligibility, freemasonry

gift whores, gnostic gluttony, guidance scoundrels, golden yawn, garbage state, goetic summonings, geomancy, glossololia

hand-craftsmanship, help-yourself, hopeless semantics, horus incarnate, hyperreal transmissions, hypnopheromones, hypocritical ideologies, hittin' on homophobes, hermeticism, haitian vodou (sevis gine)

identity reconfiguration (idreconfig), illicit sacraments, improvised orifices, incunabula conspiracy, inini, intentional mis-spelling, invoking formlessness, involuntary libidnal discharge, irreligious neophilia, innernet-specific absurdism, inordinate amounts of espresso, immunomemetic inoculants, irresponsible freedoms, io puffin

jah bless survival, joule injected mindriver, jerk-off asphixia, jewish kabbalah

k-ball, karma-to-burn, kan shiketsu, kat is dead,

legal drugs suck, legalize homicide, liberation of effluvia, lil india, licking your perineum, lucumi (santeria)

me & my hvc, memetic assimilation, mnemonic cyber-triggers, moizm, my own pineal gland, mute vessels, media piracy cubed, marinating in nicotine, materialist absolutism, manipulating the primary logos, metaphysical gibberish bias, mr. bobdobalina, mystery religions, muslim sufism, macumba

negative fifty-one, no mediation whatsoever, node jer-z, nuit's joke, numerical egregores, neologasms, neo-platonic philosophy, necronomicon mythos,

odin's whisper, one dead hooker, overtly afro-supremacist hiphop, outer-galactic gamma-ray explosions, orgone radiation, opiate kidney beaner, oust the mpaa, obedient servitors, occulture, on-the-flyisms,

pack the pipe, paradigmatic contamination, patterned language viruses, phew phtagn!, placating the loa, pooslang, pot not prozac, premeditated contingents, primitive tattooes, probabilty wave functions, proto-immediatism, psyberpunkscumfucks, precarious notoriety, pre-preproposition house-keys, psytrance sucks ass, psychick realignment, psybermagick, pyromemetics, pseudepigraphic allonyms, patrilineal ancestry, psychogeography, paganism, psychdelic satanism

qabala of ma'at, quasi-tornadic microbursts, qiboard debris, question promises, qua babbleblah?,

reckless peter panism, recursive trolling, reverse psychological subterfuge, ritual contact sports, redefining newageist dogma, recompiling neo-spiritualist doggerel retroactive eschatologies, rhetorical adversarialism, raw augury, renegade buddhism, rosicrucianism, ritual magic

sally diva, scissorographics, shadow-time compression, soccer milfs, stage-props and psy-ops, stomping local scenesters, stop globalizing capitalism, subverting countless maya, suckseed you! white zealator, superfluous randomosity, synchropathology, she who resides in r'leyh, schtick comas, selective retardation, secretion reservoirs, sore ted, self-referencial obscurity, shoving that precious 24th letter up your virgin ass, shamanism, surrealism, syncretism, semitic mysticism

target control mechanisms, thc water filtration, the invisible mosh pit, thee game ov li(f)e, thee zeegregore, toying with the insanities, thesauricide, toothless dimes, trampling pitside shoegazers, tangent city times, techneuromancy, telesexual conferencing, temple gekkala, the annihilation of pop-occultism, the benediction of z0s, the law of li(k)e, the reformist hardshells, tool lodge, trithemius cipher, thelema, thesosophy, theurgy, thaumaturgy

unflinchingly outlandish solipsism, ulterior fascinations, undermining the overlords, unidentifiable intrusions, unique flowsnakes, uterine solidarity, utism, unadulterated slack, unmanageable amounts of email,

vampiric servitors, verbal ontological terrorism, vuja dey, vinylurgy, virtual magick, voice recognition wetware, voudoun,

wealth status inertia, weeping gorilla killers, wiccan wiggers, word nigger virus, world sigilizers cartel, western esoteric traditions


yellow snow, yoruba

z(cluster), zos kia cultus, zoroastrianism