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  Egotistical ambiance filling the room with vaporous identities
          ( gorging on cocoa pudding · perpetuating nymphomania cliches · centers of symbolic controversy )

"The motive power of the orange gnosis is basically fear"

  • The ( biographical history of Eian Orange )
    • follow the hedge-mage for hire on his journey of self-discovery

"Tact and brevity definitely ain't his strong suits."

  • A whole lotta unnecessary ( anthological bullshit )
    • fabricated non-sense and dates on the material

"When the day dies I care only for my family and familiars."

  • A list of ( current interests or personal inventions )
    • in semi-alphabetical order or something like that

"Invocations of the orange power are best delivered at frantic speed"

  • What part of a ( name unlocks the secrets of its mystery? )
    • the letters leading to lasting longevity