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The Greater Psychedelic Satanic Health Community

Division of Pharmacology and Ethnobotany


a band of missionaries under H.I.S. righteous authority
Praise H.I.S. name, the most high. Jah bless.




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  The scissors slice through many a medium, but few mirror the psyber realm
          ( These embody the unseen portraits of the most sought after telesmatic relic in modern sorcery )

Without an actual, literal pretense toward V-prime there remains little room for argument, that the entirety of the world has, itself, so righteously convinced us of its own superiority through language.

What you seek to read intends to stimulate and awaken dormant energy trapped by your endocrine system, which, in severe cases, may tend toward slowing you down, making you sick, causing you pain, deepening disorders, amplifying your anger and a whole host of other unpleasant sounding experiences. Seems ludicrous, but the following practices have seen double blind testing and have found to exceed the 50/50 percentile burden of proof; given these practices occurred to have held up to the light of peer reviewed study.

At their completion, these drama-infused linguistic experiments ('spells') and staged astral performances ('rituals') have something in common with the reported symptoms of isochronic tones on the so called mind-body complex. However, we won't attempt to analyze every supposed change in mood nor scrutinize every tedious tingle one exhibits. Instead, we intend to evaluate the progress made through passive interaction with this website as though test subjects endure as indoctrinated via liminal exchanges of electronic original verjuice free from systemic barriers and the misuse of sensory deprivation.

Brought up at the feet of Gamaliel we'll begin, as would many medieval academics, at the intersection of three schools of preparatory education known as the trivium.

They comprise grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

These represented the foundation of what would get considered a liberal arts degree hundreds of years ago. Yet, we'll work from a much more modern vantage point. So, I hope you'll not frown upon us for the occasional murderous, misogynistic, bleeding edge Tourette's outburst as it may have had some degree of necessity behind it.

The textual exercises we will now perform appear highly potent on one's dreams. Some test subjects have reported feeling like they existed in a maze of incomprehensible mathematical design. Others claim having made contact with an unknowable entity who fed on human weakness, sorrow, and guilt sitting upon a throne of unfulfilled desires. Still, others, describe meeting with an aggregate of some sort who determine their destiny in both the dreaming and waking world.

They feel as though these types of dream sequences seemed so real that their lives became forever changed by the decisions set forth by the aggregate.

We first encountered the elusive retroactive dream council of the Z.'. Z.'. in the summer of 1998. At the time, the dream council saw fit to test our reactions to specific situations. Knifing our best friend in cold blood because we thought he existed as a mystical aberration would count as an absolute failure on our part, but the council saw otherwise. They gathered that our ability to see through the maya or illusions of the real world needed improvement, but that we made it through the labyrinth of our unconsciousness with great success.

Psi-Hazard Warning!

For your safety (and our liability) we must alert you to the fact that this website contains explicit material in the form of:

  • carefully arranged toxic vitriol which may inadvertently cause
    • severe cerebral harm, 'siddhi' paralysis, permanent ontological retardation, linguistic viral infections, or even
    • complete synaptic failure

We would ask that you now attempt to clear your mind of expectations, proceed with the due care, and remember, the mirror is another form of shell or veil or cup it must be filled with matter to be useful. It is innate in its utilitarianism. If you bring conflict to your mirror (or your social media account, for a modern example of an analogous 'mirror' or vessel with which one empties the contents of their being. For others it is a canvas to paint, a lump of stone to chisel, a block of wood to carve, a garden to tend or land to till, a forest to hunt in) then conflict will rule your everyday doings.


  1. Nihilistic inclinations : Nobody gives a fuck, nothing is real, nothing is sacred, there is no heaven, no god, no kingdom of light nor paradise and interconnectedness, and there's no way to fix all the problems we have personally, politically and planetarily, and we're all going to die one day miserable, alone, and destitute, so you might as well find a shotgun and insert that motherfucker orally or find your own asshole and insert your head post-haste.

  2. We do not condone suicide here, but really what other options do you have? You still live at home with your parents, you have no responsibilities, you smoke weed all day and expect to get discovered in your lifetime when the word 'work' appears foreign to you. Feh.

  3. Egotistical fantasy excrement : Give a monkey a brain and he'll get all his buddies to defecate in strategic points around the jungle in order to harvest a better banana. You can take the animal out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the animal. Most cultures have a creator deity amongst the ranks of their pantheons, but it usually takes the form of a creature who has undergone parthenogenesis of one form or another. If this represents the anathema of transmogrification we should model our own transubstantiation after, then why do we bother with these endless manuals meant for 2nd circuit rejects?

  4. The two things that both men and women possess are tongues and anuses. If there exists such thing as intelligent design then this sea monkey science experiment has bred a planet of 7 billion hairless meme-aliens intended to thrive as each other's toilet paper.

  5. Barn storming carnival barker : Not to brag, LayZees and Gentlememes, but if you can find more stimulating, cost-free zentertainment anywhere on the wwweb we'll personally invest our $ into an account of your choosing at the cryptocurrency institution of your choosing simply for your dissatisfaction with our textual discourse. We shit you not when we say that there exists no other place to find quite the variety of antinomian, quasi-anarchistic, extra-terresrial worshiping, guerrilla ontological, reality hacking microsite anywhere on the triple w.

  6. The whole 'choose your own adventure' series of URL-crazed cooperative multiple choice has been thrown out the window in favor of a more cyberbook approach. So, now, enjoy the sequence set up by the author for your entrancement and amusement.

So, now, go ahead and click this link to continue on the path of meta-textual conflagration in order that you may set Atlach-Nacha's web ablaze with words arranged in a manner most likely unfit for ocular consumption. Farewell, lonely pilgrims, may your electro-chemical constitution withstand the abuse it may soon undergo.


Yours in beneficent shade,

Frater Veneficium Vulgus