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Hello, all of you dispossessed dipshits, dorito-swilling douchebags, and disdainful dickfaced dumbfucks! I am less than pleased to welcome you, end-users and substance abusers alike, to the plaything of the Great Alarm. The average cadaver's idea of what can be done with a website is impotently limited. Why not make your slice of the Internets an engine of manifestation?


anti-vampire management

the hunt for head not sober


Theriomorph-in-Training   ·   Bodhisattva of New Bangladesh

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The Ultramagnetic Philthy Phew

The Great Octarine Sibilinghood of the Z.'. Z.'.


Warning: Psychohazard

Immunomemetic Inoculation

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The Greater Psychedelic Satanic Health Community

Division of Pharmacology and Ethnobotany

a band of missionaries under H.I.S. righteous authority


Praise H.I.S. name, the most high. Jah bless.

"...but the highest are of us." (AL II:19)

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